S533EA Vivobook Laptop Does it Support 4x Lanes

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Does anyone know if it will support the new samsung 980 pro nvme , which is 4x Lanes.

Because They are much Faster if your NVME Socket is 4x


  • Hi there,

    The SSD we have tested on this model are PCIE 3*4 NVMe ones.

    Thank you.

  • Thanks Blake_ASUS , Can you please provide a Link for Those Results, And The Model Numbers.

    Also I am specifically interested to see if there is any Performance Increase on this Model Laptop for The 980Pro Over the 970Pro.

    And what if any Differences in Performance Between The Size of each.

    Like Say the 980 is there any performance increase to be gained for Say the 500gb Model Compared to the 250gb

  • Hi there,

    The SSD we have tested are from Intel.Largest capacity up to 1TB.

    You may find the one that has the same spec, it will be fine.

    Thank you.

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