Colorbanding defeated



  • You cannot expect mods to comment on a technical development issue, they are not devs but mods. Please don't ask them to explain anything they can't.

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    But they can communicate to dev team regarding information in this thread.Atleast I am expecting that should happen.

  • Why are you all acting like this is some sort of battle? Why would ASUS sweat in any way?

    This is a custom kernel based on Freak07's Kirisakura kernel, meaning it will require magisk and such. Remmber while this is the definitive solution to the color banding problem this is still very undesirable for anyone who want to keep their warranty. Since unlocking the bootloader will mean your warranty is gone.

    You don't import code from a display. ALso don't get the impression just because you calibrate a screen it can become a god tier screen. Calibration only means you get the most out of your screen, meaning if you have a cheap screen, even if calibrated it won't surpass a high quality screen.

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    First of all,I meant that they would be quite in a hurry now that there's been a solution and try to publish an official fix

    And secondly,how much calibration can someone actually do on this screen? Is there a limit that the device specifies? Or is it just calibrating to a similar level as other manufacturers?

  • 1.) Doubt it, many developers take their time or ignore solutions in custom kernels. I have seen this on many devices.

    2.) Depends on the person, if you're a kernel developer there is no limit.

  • @Danishblunt don't know if you tried but you should try to contact the devs so they can release it in an official update, seems really good! nice work.

  • also i think its good to make sure the mods see this so they can talk to the devs

  • also im wondering, does this fix remove the red tint completely?

  • I want to try. Will it require root?

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    You don't need root, but you need Bootloader unlocked in order to flash the kernel.

  • Black crush still persists in Android 11 beta. So, I think @Danishblunt once your testing is done, you should suggest the developers/moderators to implement it

  • Omg this danish guy is a big time scammer.....

    He did nothing ....

    Tell the truth @Danishblunt brother...

    Else I have to make a separate thread with proofs expose you...

    How can you take a credit of someone else's hardwork...??

    I knew that you know nothing about tech...when you said u can't use air triggers after flashing kirasakura...kernel.

  • did... did you miss the bit where danish says (this is a straight copy btw): At this point I want to thank Freak07 for introducing and helping me to get into kernel development much faster than I would have taken by myself. Pretty sure he will soon implement this solution in his kernel as well, hence I'm not to worried about my dead SSD, only thing annoying me now is that I have to get a new one, reinstall crap and start from scratch again with my kernel, ohwell :(

    its literally there in black and white that he had help with getting the blackcrush fixed, lmao.

  • plus, regardless of who did it, they have contributed a hell of a lot more to the rog 3 than you have

  • Hey you can't take full credit of yourself doing everything..

    I m not including myself anywhere ...he just updated his kernel ...that anyone can do..

    I m just talking about the credit ...

    Anyone can install a kirasakura kernel...and update it...


    And I don't wanna get into silly conversation with you guys...

    U can go and take a look at XDA forums under rog 3- kirasakura-2.01

    Developer who did everything nowhere mentioned his name and gave credit him

    And you can use air triggers offcourse after rooting your device

    Peace out

  • if you really wanna go a head and make a massive scene for something that only you seem to care about, be my guest, you're literally the only person that seems to care that blackcrush got fixed. lmfao.

    Im pretty sure if Danish fixed the backcrush issue that Freak07 didn't, they can take full credit for it :) that's how open sourcing works!

    Freak07 is actually the dev of the kirasakura kernel, which is used on A LOT of devices, just check his GitHub and the + 10,037 contributors to the kernel :)

    If anyone can install the kernel and update it, why didnt you fix blackcrush huh?

    I'll agree that its a bit sus that Freak07 didnt give credit to Danish in their post, but who the hell cares, really?

    also, im pretty sure no one said you cant use the triggers while using a rooted phone, you cant use them if you have a custom rom however which is a totally different thing

    im not getting into a discussion about it because its childish.

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    Install his tweak and you'll realize that it doesnt fix banding at all, infact it makes it even worse. It's an experiment on his part, no need to credit anyone for that, all it does is make the phone better for low brightness visibility. He's giving me ideas, I'm giving him ideas, nothing more to it. It's important to note the solution I have is not public, nobody can copy my code, there exist no github reopsitory or anything of the sort, it died with my SSD and only I have this particular solution as of today or maybe some private kernel developers have developt this "op8 / nubia" fix in their kernel.

    @botboy444 As mentioned previously, no need to credit anyone about giving others ideas for experiments, otherwise Freak07 credits list would probably be as long as a book.

  • @Danishblunt, I want to try it bro. Can you post the tutorial how to do it? Thank you.

  • It's a custom kernel, it will void warranty and you need an unlocked device, also it needs to be snapdragon 865+ or it more than likely won't boot due to the heavy undervolt which I believe only a cherrypicked SD 865+ can run altho I haven't tested yet.

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