[ZenFone/Pad] Battery can't be fully-charged or charge time is too long

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Please follow the steps below to solve the Battery charge problem : 


1. Reboot your phone

2. Charge with ASUS bundled adapter

Please charge your device with the ASUS original bundled adapter. If the charge problem remains, please try to charge with another socket.

3. Close the apps

Do not run the apps that may use too much memory while the phone is charging.


4. Close the background apps

Please close the background apps that you are not currently using by the following :

Settings -> Battery -> PowerMaster -> Click Battery-saving options -> Choose Stop unnecessary apps.




5. Update to the latest firmware

Go to Settings -> System -> System update -> Check now.


6.Factory data reset

This method is to clear all your data and reset all the settings as default (original setting).

Note: Please backup all the personal data before you reset the device.


7. Send to repair center

If you still can't solve your problem with the above solution, please contact the ASUS Product Support for further assistance.

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