Where to buy aero active cooler 3 in india

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Can any one tell me where can i buy the aero active cooler 3 in india its out of stock in india and all the other accessories are also out of stock

Can the people at the service center order for me


  • HI rishi,

    Apologize for the stock out.

    Service center won't be able to help here.

    Stick to ASUS official channels and Flipkart if there is any news of Stock up.

  • Can anyone ship me from outside india? I will pay for the all the cost

  • lan61tlan61t Level 1

    I would recommend for you to get Flydigi Wasp Cooling Fan as an alternative.

    My experience using Active Cooler 3 compare to Flydigi Wasp for ROG3, the flydigi performance is better to cool down the phone. I even use it while charging to keep the heat down.

    In my opinion it does the same thing, to cool down the phone.

    If there's any hidden features of combining Active Cooler 3 with ROG3, please let me know.


    try aliexpress.com. there are some there

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