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Hoping that ASUS decide to include these settings to support Australian carriers in the next firmware update (when ever that is??) .

If I am reading correctly they certainly have included support for Australian and other carriers in the ROG 5 firmware according to the Qualcomm modem mbn config files.

As other users have stated this is a very basic feature in budget phones and I would have thought been there in a flagship phone. Telstra here in Australia certainly don't have a white list per say as to who can and can't have VoLTE access and VoLTE access is automatically enabled on Telstra accounts there end.



  • Can confirm that its activated on my account (vodafone) and seeing that the files are on the rog5 firmware makes me hope it gets added with android 11! :D

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    How is it that VoLTE is activated for Vodafone and not Telstra and Optus?

  • I meant volte is activated on my account. Not my rog 3 :/

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    Thanks for the clarification mate. It's the one thing that shits me about this phone The lack of VoLTE support. Call quality is horrendous. Not a day goes by without someone telling me my phone sounds like crap.


    Singapore too! volte is a great tool

  • Wow not even a generic thread response from Asus on this one .. about as slow as their support / updates lol

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    Don't think they really care to be honest.

  • Wait for android 11 they might add support for extra carriers there

  • .143 update and still no support for Australian carriers for VoLTE !!!! 😟

  • Same with the a11 beta no volte

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    @ARP_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS .. Any ideas ?

  • Just got some feedback from asus australia and according to them there will be no support for VoLTE in the foreseeable future at least here in australia .. They are of course throwing the ball back to the australian telcos who have supposedly not certified the ROG 3 device for VoLTE services ... Pretty funny how Telstra for example have told me a number of times that they dont whitelist/blacklist any devices anymore and should the device support it it can connect to Telstra VoLTE.

    Running a thrid party ROM at this point in time might be only way to get VoLTE settings working on this device.

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    Repeated: Singapore please!

  • thats a load of absolute crap, asus what the hell.

    @Gustav_ASUS are you able to shine any light on this whatso ever? this device is officially useless by this time next year as Australian telcos are shutting off 3g.

  • This is the reply I got from Asus service in Australia , which to me reads as we really don't give a shit about volte on tog phones ....

    "Following up on your query concerning VoLTE support for the ROG Phone 3. Internal feedback is that at this stage no VoLTE scheduled for certification, we are pushing to have Telco's test and approve on future phones. Until these newer devices come in and are certified, VoLTE will not be available for ROG Phone 2 or 3."

  • Im kinda hoping they just dont actually know lol, because the modem file for the either the rog 5 or the zenphone 6 or 7? has the australian telcos in it, meaning that they should work on volte, so we might still be getting it?

    I'm hoping ! the 3g call quality sucks eggs

  • Yeah the 3g does really suck big time .

    Yep I knew about the mfn files for the rog 5 so now that I'm rooted I'm gonna have a bit of a look around at the files in question. I can toggle all the persist settings related to enabling VoLTE so it shows the VoLTE options in settings but just can not get the IMS fired up for VoLTE as I'm sure that is more Qualcomm related modem toggles.

  • if you're rooted, there is a thing you can flash in magisk to enable volte, see if that works, im stuck on the android 11 beta so i cant root atm lol, but im tempted to flashback 10 JUST so i can have volte lmao

  • Yep did see that magisk module .. will have a look when home.

    Also someone on XDA has come up with a script to make the system partition R/W yay 😃 on Android 10 which could make life a bit easier.

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