How to disable Asus Link Display Adapter?

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  1. System: Windows 10 Home
  2. Battery or AC: AC
  3. Model: Asus Zenbook Flip 15"
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Persistent
  5. Reset OS: Not OS-related
  6. Screenshot or video: Not a visible issue


Detailed description:

Brand new 2-in-1. After completing MyASUS updates, my second monitor on HDMI port stopped working after the laptop goes to sleep. e.g. the second monitor does not come back on when the unit awakens, and there after is unresponsive and no longer detected by the OS.

Disabling the Asus Link Display Adapter, let's me get it working again, but when the laptop goes to sleep or shuts down, the "Asus Link Display Adapter" resets itself, and the problem comes right back.

I want to permanently disable that drive, but uninstalling it is even useless. It comes right back.

If this "disappearing external monitor on HDMI port" issue as an actual fix, I would love to know it. (I've been searching for days.) If it has not, please provide steps to disable the "virtual" device permanently.

Getting ready to send this otherwise fine 2-in-1 back because of this stupid issue.


  • Hi there,

    So reconnect the monitor does not help? and the the laptop itself have any issue after waking up from sleep?

    For stable performance and also to prevent further issue of waking form sleep mode,

    we would suggest you to disconnect the external monitor before letting the laptop

    Thank you.

  • Blake, I know you are the expert on these forums, and sometimes the least technical solution is the best one, but it's really inconvenient to unplug and re-plug-in this monitor. The HDMI port is tight, and I'd rather not wear it out unnecessarily. There are no other laptop issues, (I know of), but there must be something interfering with the continued detection of the monitor after sleep. Is there a place to disable drive sleep options? Most are missing from the Control Panel in Win10, (as they prepare to do away with it.)

    I think we can agree disabling devices is the easiest way to troubleshoot them.

    Is there a resource for the MyASUS app dependencies? I know this is a "technicial-level" request, and I do daily backups so I'm prepared if I disable a system-paralyzing driver.

    I am sure there are users on this forum that would really like options and solutions that aren't conveyed from ASUS for the lowest common denominator of customer. Some of us know what we're doing. We just don't want to reinvent the wheel when we have a great "Blake" available to us. ;-)

  • Hi there,

    What I mean is that after the monitor is not detected, does replug in the monitor helps? or you need to reboot the laptop or the monitor?

    Every time the laptop wake up from sleep, it need to redetect all the external devices, does other device have the same issue? like bluetooth mouse or keyboard have the same issue?

    Or does other monitor have the same issue?

    Thank you.

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