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  • After updating to android 12 my network is not coming sim is fine also RGB light not working any solution

  • friends, please help.

    phone asus rog 5, the fingerprint disappeared for a month and a half, and stopped working. Wifi went out yesterday...

    What do I need to do ?

  • While I don't know about the fingerprint part, the wifi not working anymore is a sign the motherboard is about to die (just looking through the ROG Phone 5 section will list a bunch of threads on the subject).

    If you have a replacement phone on standby I suggest doing a backup of your data and visit the service center to get that motherboard replaced (I'm assuming the phone is still in warranty, so you should be good).

  • Hi guys,

    I have a ROG 5 wifi that has a wifi issue too. The wifi wont turn on. I have tried factory resetting the device from recovery mode but the issue still persists. I have just exceeded the warranty period. Any help guys ? Quite disappointing to see this coming from a flagship device with the ROG branding.

  • Rog phone 5, 5s đã update có thể dùng được aero active cooler 6. Đã có ai dùng chưa, nếu có thể hãy làm một video về nó. Cảm ơn

  • why now PUBG on rog phone 5 can't 90 Fps when it's in the game :(((, Fps stuck 55 and below :(((, Is there a problem? Please reply:")

  • Hi Devs,

    Requesting to please implement also the new Game Genie UI in the ROG Phone 5 just like what the ROG 6 have. The armoury crate has been updated so it would make sense if you would do the same for the Game Genie app. Thank you so much!

  • I am having a dead wifi and poor performance in gaming too, even had a very bad frame drop for just playing yugioh card game for half hour, and my rog phone 5 is already a replacement. Start to thinking that the rog phone 5 is just a failure product.. Asus should be responsible and give our money back if they cant fix the problems

  • After system update 30.0810.1226.128 on Sep 2022 my WIFI wont turn ON.I think this update mess my WIFI.Pls fix this ASUS.many people reporting same issue after this system update.really dissapointed..this will be my Last Supporting ASUS brand

  • Fps drop when Playing game??

    Please help.

  • FAQ fps Rog 5/5s

    How to Fix Fps Drops and Drops

    -- Sell the Rog5/5s

    -- Buy a Smartphone Gamer😎

  • After the last update, i can't share the hotspot wifi. It's written : Error. Please tell us how to fix it ASUS.

    Really disappointed, please fix this software issue.

  • Hello. After last update 31.0810.1226.128. my airtrigged not funtion. After restart, its can be use for a couple minutes and no funtion after that. I try do factory reset and its just same.. within the warranty period. My rog 5 has been to the Asus center twice because of motherboard problems. now the warranty has expired 6 months what's the use of mobile gaming if airtrigged no funtion. very disappointed.

  • Hello: There is a problem opening wifi It cannot be opened and the hotspot problem is also not working. I hope you solve the problem as soon as possible. Thank you very much

  • I have Problem with sim card

  • Дайте відповідь. Коли було останнє оновлення рог фон 5 .

    Бо в мене версія 31.0810.1226.91

    А на сайті , я так затуркався де це перевірити, тому питаю в тих хто знає

  • I receive an OTA update of Firmware version: 31.0810.1226.128 last November 7, 2022. Then suddenly i cannot turn on my wifi and my Hotspot says Error. I already tried to downgrade my OS to Android 11 but sadly this doesn't fixed WIFI and Hotspot problem. Please help me fix this problem.

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