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  • Unfortunately I do not think that we can help you, except to advise you to contact the seller who most certainly knew this problem, frequent on the Rog 5 and even more certainly due to the Fingerprint reader / Sim card connector.

    This discussion having multiple similar cases, I advise you to read them, but hey, in any case, the solution is the service center or to be reimbursed by this dishonest seller

  • alright thanks for the suggestion mate. still going through all this discussions here before i send it to the service center since it has the asus warranty till april 2022.

  • Rog 5 battery stuck at 99 doesn't reach 100 and dies at 15% does anyone know solution?


  • Wifi cannot turned on! Hotspot cannot turn on! Whats the problem?

  • help me please
    my charger stopped working :( where to order a new one

  • Phone shutdowns at 15% please help:,-)

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    can anyone confirm if Asus rolled back an update today on 29 dec 2021...I had seen a notification earlier and it was sitting there to be downloaded but i didn't download it because of the ongoing issues with Rog 5 OTAs.. service centres are flooding with devices that need a mobo replacement..and now after a few hrs the OTA seems to have vanished...can anyone from Asus confirm whats going on and are we supposed to update the device or not ? I recently visited a service centre in Delhi and came to know that more than 100 phones were replaced with their mobos after the last update that screwed up wifi and hotspot. This is scary shit

  • None of the updates published since July is the cause of the Wifi / HotSpot failure, a simple restart done before the update would have had the same effect but tired of explaining it.

    Firmware .210 is still online on Asus, global and French sites for example, it would be surprising if the OTA version was canceled and not the online one, but this will remain as possible if a problem has been detected for a particular configuration .

  • good to know that service centres are replacing the motherboards for fun.

  • You have a particular way of interpreting a message, although doing a job that you love can be fun once or twice, after a few thousand it will surprise me.

    Take the trouble to read the comment of ZT-6ba223c6 which has the same analysis as me.

  • I have enrolled for the A12 beta program but not received any confirmation yet.

  • I'd like to know when ASUS plans on actually provides an update, that actually benefits MY ROG 5 16gb/256gb global version!?

    EVERY single update hasn't addressed a SINGLE issue I've had while benefiting others.

    I have screen sensitivity issues, auto refresh mode sluggish, apps not remaining where I left off and reloading when selected, Kunai gamepad 3 USB handheld mode stops working randomly, and on and on!

    So, am I going to get a SINGLE promised 2 years updates and support ASUS, or should I take my money somewhere else in the future!?

    I spent $2,000 USD on my phone and accessories, and I'm flat out FURIOUS!

    Every single accessory I bought had some kind of defect! Cooler.. cracking buttons, earbuds..poor sound, controller.. handheld mode rarely works.

    Signed a very angry ROG 5 user!

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    Does anyone know how to fix the error on purchased theme?

    Just purchased Asphalt 9 but I didn't receive it and does not show on purchase history. Appreciate your help!

  • Dear Asus,

    As per your instructions many of the users bave done the beta form registration when we will get the beta update we are waiting for a long time.

    Please overlook my questions

  • Waiting for a positive response from admin as I have never been part of beta program earlier, looking forward for an early update. Thank you ASUS.

  • Asus where are the update man? What are u man doing 😁 Samsung mid range phones have got the Android 12 update. We are waiting for the update where is your updates we are very low of using this type of brand Sorry 😞.

  • Google, Samsung and others, to satisfy noob users who want everything for standby and before standby, have distributed Android 12 well, "To Stop the broadcast some time later" leaving users with lame smartphones for several weeks .

    I believe that nothing can horrify me as much as reading this kind of message from people in a hurry to get straight into the wall, except perhaps the Marketing departments since they are largely the cause.

  • Hey guys! I recently bought Rog Phone 5 (India).. anyone here faced or facing any hardware/software related issues? I'm super worried after reading multiple threads online.. could someone help me here? Thank you..

  • Hello Admin

    When will we get the Update?

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