ZenBook-Pro-Duo-15-OLED-UX582 release date?



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    I don't play games either. I use it for video editing.

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    I wonder if the dust that collects there can be easily removed under the additional screen. Somebody knows ?

  • A can of compressed air? I always keep a can handy, and I've found it useful for blowing debris out of hard-to-reach places like under and between keyboard keys, etc.

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    i returned Ux582 due to OLED display banding. this is what a gray background (5% gray) looks like in a dark room.

  • The OLED display is the large main display. This appears to be a photograph of the IPS secondary display. What was the source image used in the image on the display you photographed? What was used to make the photo?

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    The screenpad was turned off. Photo taken by phone while playing the below test image from youtube (gray 5%). this issue is a known problem with OLED displays. When I bought the UX581, I also give it back twice. I thought that the UX582 was better. Photo taken by phone.

  • Ouch. Thanks for the information. I too had the UX581 and I loved it. I had purchased it at the Microsoft Store. I purchased the Microsoft Complete insurance that also covers accidental damage. Two months ago I developed a horizontal line across the center of the screen. I sent it in for repair and they sent me back a check for my original purchase price of $2,999.00 telling me it was not repairable. This time I have ordered the UX582 from Amazon, but delivery estimate is several weeks out.

    I will carefully check the screens out when I receive the UX582. I've been with Amazon for over 20 years and Prime since inception. I have never had a problem returning anything. I'll search YouTube for the 5% gray test.

    Where did you purchase yours? Will you try again?

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    yes, in two days I pick up the second one. But I am not optimistic. Earlier I wrote about these problems here


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    I already have a second UX582. The screen is much better but the speaker crackles :-(

  • I've had that happen, but it was a driver problem. Did you do all the Windows updates? Keep choosing Windows Update until there are no more?

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    Windows Update didn't fix the problem.

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    what a strange crackling or rather buzzing I hear only when playing sounds of Windows. When listening music, it is ok.

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    I already have a third UX582 and the left speaker is also buzzing.

  • Where do you buy your computers that you get such a quick buy and return? I've ordered mine from Amazon and it's the only place I've found in the USA that has them to order. Amazon is estimating I will have delivery between July 15 and August 3.

  • You are fortunate to get such quick buys and returns!

    I'm hoping that I don't have the unfortunate luck that you are having.

    When I get my UX582, I will report back on my experience.

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    What processor did you order with? I had the i9 and i7 versions. Ultimately, I leave the i7 versions. The temperatures of both processors, even when the computer is not loaded, reach 97 C. I don't see any chance to use more power of the i9 due to the temperatures.

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    My UX581 was the i9 version.

    My order for the UX582 is also for the i9 version.

    I do work using Adobe Photoshop layers and Lightroom. I also do video processing using DaVinci Resolve Studio. The i9 makes a difference when using these apps. The 32 GB of memory and NVIDIA RTX 3070 GPU also make a difference with these apps.

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