Worldwide shortage of parts and services

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I have been told that a job that would normally take 5to 7 days is now going to take 5to 7 weeks, the reason a lack of a part. The part is a rear quarter panel for a 2019 Toyota HiAce, ok nothing to do with phones but stay with me for a mo.

My simple point is because of the worldwide pandemic parts and services, all types of services,are grossly delayed. I don't see why developers and IT companies would be any different as nearly all industries have been forced to work with a skeleton staff for the past year.

I have been one of the biggest winger's on this forum regarding updates and A11 so if I'm pointing the finger it has to be to myself.

I had a conversation with an XDA developer today and could really feel his pain as both,the shortage of parts and his team has put him back at least 3 to 4 months putting his latest inventions on hold.

No use blaming anyone anymore, nothing to do but ride it out and stay safe out there people!

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