Windows on the Screenpad+ get rearranged when waking from sleep/hibernation

potatosubwooferpotatosubwoofer Level 2
edited April 2021 in ZenBook
  1. System: Win 10
  2. Battery or AC: Both
  3. Model: UX482EG Zenbook Duo 2021
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Every time


Detailed description:The windows displayed on the Screenpad+ are put onto the main display when the device is woken from sleep or hibernation. This is pretty annoying as you want to open the laptop up and get straight into it. To be honest actually it's a bit embarrassing when other people see you rearranging your windows every time you open the laptop.

They should just stay where they were and remember it when going into sleep or hibernating.


Edit: Also in the same circumstances all the windows on the main screen are also rearranged, it appears the system doesn't remember snap locations when waking up.


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