[ZenFone] [Mobile Manager] What is "Cleanup" function?

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With the Mobile Manager application cleanup function, you can check cache files, applications that are used infrequently or duplicate files etc, and you can secure the free space of storage by deleting.


Delete cache files:

Tap "REMOVE NOW" to scan the ZenFone and display a list of cache files in the storage.

You can delete the cache file by checking unnecessary cache files and tapping "Remove".



Delete applications that are used infrequently or applications with large files:

Tap "Manage" next to "Manage apps to get more space" to scan ZenFone.

Since the list of applications with less frequently used applications and large capacity files is displayed, if there are unnecessary applications, you can uninstall the application by checking it and tapping "Uninstall".



Delete duplicate files and large files:

Tap "Manage" next to "Free up storage" to scan ZenFone.

A list of duplicate files and large files will be displayed. If there are unnecessary files, you can delete the files by checking and tapping "Remove".


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