VoWiFi issue on zenfone 5z

dcpande04dcpande04 Level 1
edited April 2021 in ZenFone 5 Series

Settings on my phone


Wi-Fi Calling: ON

Calling Preference: Call Over WiFi

Roaming Preference: Wi-Fi

Issue: When wifi on the phone is off the phone correctly shifts my calls to VoLTE. But many times when I connect back to WiFi it does not automatically shift back to VoWiFi. Even if I try to manually toggle the WiFi calling off and on again, it still remains on VoLTE. I have to turn off VoLTE in settings and turn on VoWiFi for VoWiFi to get working.

Once I get it working, I can turn VoLTE on and it works as intended (Remains on VoWiFi when connected to WiFi and shifts back to VoLTE when I disconnect from WiFi) The issue seems to occur randomly.

I am currently running WW_100.10.107.110_20201118


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