Need official update from Asus regarding Android update life cycle for ROG phones

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Samsung last year officially announced all their Flagship phones will get 3 major updates and mid range phones will get two. Like wise we need official announcement for ROG line up. Unlike western countries, where people usually upgrade phone in 1 or 2 years, in my country like India, people will update once in 3 or 4 years. Even some people use a flagship phone for 5 years. If they are able to provide stable update for rog phone 5, they can cut the exclusive features of rog 5 and provide updates to Rog phone 3 and Rog phone 2. I doubt whether we get android 12.Timeline doesnt matter, let the dev team can take one year. If there is only one major update, let the Asus come with official announcement. This will help all the potential buyers to consider/not consider future Rog lineups. Between Rog 3 is a excellent device, Hope this device will get 2 Major updates


  • this ^^

    we're not asking for updates to be released day dot, we're just asking for a timeline of updates, and clarity of WHAT updates - not "we will have the update ready soon" a timeline would be 100x better then soon

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    Exactly. That's how it should be. A proper timeline for update cycle. we just need a clarity over this topic. If Google is releasing android 11 or 12, you should be able to convey that these are the devices that we're going to provide update to and it should mention by which quarter which device will get the update.

  • Something is obviously not right with Asus at present,the mods are not even giving us bullshit timelines anymore so either they are not being told much or they know something and don't want to talk. UNO no one likes being the bearer of bad news

  • Updates are very slow this time of year for all smartphones coming out of China, Taiwan etc. Exact same situation this time last year with my Xiaomi phone.

    We just have to be patient, it's still not acceptable to be on Dec 2020 security patch in mid March 2021 agreed, we need a timeline, we need Android 11 to arrive sooner rather than later, but there's no use complaining about it.

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