Wireless android auto for all from android 9 up

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I know that android 11 is coming SOON !?!?! and with it the capability to connect to android auto wirelessly, but that's not going to help unless your vehicle's unit supports wireless AA . I have a 2019 Toyota HiAce, the brand new look model and although Toyota pulled out all the stops and put in all the bells and whistles EXCEPT for wireless AA. It's really quite amazing how few vehicle's do not support wireless AA but take heart people I stumbled upon a solution for about$100 au. There is a clever developer out there who has come up with a device called AA WIRELESS , the AA obviously stands for android auto. It enables your headset or multi media uniit to connect with your phone wirelessly. Once connected you can do anything you can do with a hard wire USB .

The guys name is Emil Borconi Szedressy , I'm sure some of you guys and gals are familiar with some of his other work.

If any one is interested, Google AA wireless and you will see the page .

Personally I have purchased two and can't wait to get them. On the website you will find a link to a short video of the unit in action and it couldn't be more simple. You just plug it in to your data USB port on your vehicle and firstly it will connect to your phone VIA Bluetooth then the WiFi will kick in and that's it . Once you have set it up to reconnect you don't need the Bluetooth connection it will just connect to your phone via WiFi.

A very clever device indeed 😊

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