Feel like the release for the Rog5 was too early.

No offense ASUS but I think you simply messed up here big time. The Rog5 has no real upgrade over the Rog3 and you're already having an inferior gaming phone to the competition. The red magic 6 has 165hz and a 500hz touch sampling rate with all the important features like their own version of armor crate and such.

Where is the innovation? I was excited to see the Rog5 but all I got to see was a ton of gimmicks that are cool for the first 30min and then you simply forget they exist.

I honestly think it was simply too early for the Rog5. It's now in a really awkward position where it's not even the worlds fastest phone on release.

No to mention I saw some black crush on some reviews, while you promised on your promotion that you made sure it wouldn't have black crush. This concerns me as a Rog3 user as well.

Overall quite dissapointed about the Rog5.


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    Yeah the launch was early comparatively

    It's been like 8 months since rog 3's launch

    I guess this was to accomodate their Zenfone series launch

    Asus only has two flagship series phone the Rog and the Zenfone

    So I guess they would want to have enough launch difference between both so that one's launch doesn't affect other's sales (this kinda happened last year)

    Today the Zenfone 8 was certified on some cites so I believe the launch is near

    About black crush which video was it? All of the videos I've watched didn't show it nor did any reviewer (the bigger and the smaller ones) talk anything about it,most said postive stuff about it

    And btw isn't eliminating black crush and tint fully like impossible on oleds even A+ tier samsung oleds have those issues and Rog 5 employs an samsung OLED with calibration by then and pixel works so imo the screen is better but still has some of it ?

    And lastly other gaming phones can't provide the same experience as rog it's about the ui, support,gcam/rom development,Asus releases the kernel sources on time and source with every firmware,the ecosystem, accessories etc even if the other gaming phones have an edge in the hardware Rog is still better at the end of the day

    Better camera algorithm and more features too

    I doubt anything can much what armory crate offers as a whole

  • Please help us find that video ,atleast provide us with a screen shot of the search

    I really wanna see the truth about black crush in rog 5

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    Let's hope at seeing that on Zenfone 8 they got rid of that flip camera.....

  • Just as I thought, Black crush and grainy colors are here again. Good luck to anyone that will use this phone at night. You are in for a treat.

  • You don't need to use the flip camera but personally I think it's kinda cool

  • Sadly the unboxer was a very very small channel and is impossible to find now. Youtube it flooded with so many unboxing vids and reviewers it would take way to much of my time to find the video again.

    It's hilarious how useless reviewers are if you think about it. Look how hard we need to search in order to find if the Rog5 has black crush or not, was the same thing with the Rog3, that being said give it a couple of days, pretty sure some AMA on reddit or xda will answer out susicions, I sincerly hope it was crushed because of bad video convert from youtube, because of the ROg5 has black crush despite ASUS specifically mentioning they release a black crush free phone, that would imply they have no clue how to fix it, meaning we Rog users have to deal with it ourselves.

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    Didn't it tell you that ROG5 is a ROG3 fix yet?

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    I confirmed with taiwan asus headquarter store, the clerk said rog 3 is not samsung screen. It make sense or else asus would advertise on their website .

    I even visualize the rog 5, compared to rog 3. The black is darker, and bright pop more in hdr. Also the rog 5 screen can reach darker brightness, which helps when view in dark room. Couldn't see any tint at the darkest brightness, but the room itself wasn't totally dark so can't tell.

    I can't tell if there is no black crush completely, but the dark is no so pixelated anymore and I can see more dynamic range of black. It is definitely a step up in terms of screen quality. At least for me it is quite good compare to other flagship oled phone. I would buy it if I didn't buy rog 3 last year already...sad

    Left is rog 3, it is grayish in dark area, where rog 5 has true black.

    Not sure why, but in person the screen wasn't so blue.

  • You should have told them to turn off the overlay. It would be the same result.

    As for the screen being blacker it's simply because ASUS has hardcapped the screen of the Rog3 to a higher minimum brightness, also ASUS has set the red tone much higher than blue and green, hence on low brightness you see a red tint, the screen itself doesn't do that but ASUS's clibration does that. The reason for this was to have the screen more warm so it is better for the eyes.

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