Before you think of upgrading to Rog5



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    If you're looking for boosted colors then yes

    But the main thing is still we don't know what brightness and color profiles both phones are at

    Seems like rog is at default profile probably

    (From Gsmarena)

    Natural seems to be a good fit for boosted colors

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    Yup that's what I'm saying MI's display looks more smoothened and has boosted colors the details are gone in some cases due to that

    But the again we don't know the brightness and color profiles set on both phones

    Nor the content quality or bit rate

  • Does the mi10 have th same resolution as the rog5? Cuz the rog5 has a pretty low resolution by today's standard(not low but not zomfg 8k!!!!)

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    Yeah both have 1080p displays

    And about the second part I don't think one actually needs a QHD/2k panel on an 6.6 inch display to be honest

    Many probably won't be even to point out the differences between both and an 1440p panel would mean more battery consumption and more hogging of resources in games and stuff

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    wrong, it only seems like that to you because of the mi's brightness level. The picture is sharp and looking very good in real life but looks washed out and overbrightneded due to the camera not being able to handle the high brightness lightsource.

    The pictures showcase clear black crush problem on the Rog5. Much like the Rog3 the Rog5 suffers from black crush due to crappy gamma level.

    As @botboy444 already mentioned, the crushed black on the Rog5 are ridicolous. Honestly I didnt mind the black crush to much on the Rog3 as it's quite common on many phones these days, but going out and specifically mention that the Rog5 has no black crush and then releasing it with black crush is spitting to every customers face.

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    They didn't say no black crush though only "better calibration for issues like black crush"

    I'd wait for some real life comaparisons tho,many are upgrading from R3 to R5 on the grp will ask them to compare/review side by side when they get their units

    And we don't know what brightness and color profiles the guy who posted the above pics used or if it was an pre release model of some YouTube review

  • I'm closing this thread as it's in the wrong forum section and we have a new discussion thread for all things ROG Phone 5. Please use that one instead so we can keep this section about ROG Phone 3.

  • As for the OP made by @Danishblunt, I'd like to make some quick comments as it includes some false or misleading information:

    • The panel is not the same as on ROG Phone 3. It uses a new Samsung AMOLED display (E4 panel) custom-made for the ROG Phone 5.
    • Considerable changes have been made to the speakers. Both speakers are now of identical size and the total speaker box size has grown by 35%. Diracs tuning has also improved.
    • Thermal performance has been improved compared to last generation, not the other way around. The new thermal design and MMT battery technology actually allows for lower temperatures during charging and discharging which is great during demanding tasks such as gaming. We've also improved our battery care features further.
    • The ROG Phone 5 brings back the 3.5 mm earphone jack and pairs it with a high-end ESS Sabre DAC, which is a series-first.

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