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  • Just something, I don't know maybe something like quad speaker surround, maybe a fold phone or something like an actual overclocked phone, just SOMETHING. I mean all i hear is how the little display is so amazing but nobody is going to look at it anyways, who wants to put his phone screen down on any surface? That's like asking for scratches on the screen.

    All the Rog5 has is gimmicks. ASUS is quite creative, I've seen them do crazy cool stuff on their notebooks but on their phones it seriously feels like creativity is gone.

  • I mean with the rog phones, what can they do so it will make it better? I don't think there is a new thing that can do to improve gaming phones, that's why they add 18GB of ram, just for the specs.

    Every year all Android flagships use the same CPU because there are no other options and gaming phones overclock it. Maybe Asus in the future can work with phone CPUs to make the phone more special.

    I think improving the camera and software updates will allow normal users to use it as a regular phone.

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    They should announce an official support period for Rog phones right now, there's no confirmed period going by how Rog 1 was supported

    A confirmed support period will be helpful to future buyers even if it's 2 os versions and 2-3 yrs of patches

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    @Averan i guess what i was trying to say is something along the lines of what @Danishblunt said; just something creative and different. I felt that when i saw the ROG 3 even if most say that the improvements over ROG 2 were incremental. But the upgrades i listed was something i thought was an effort to try to push it further. Physical shoulder triggers (like the Black Shark 3)? An overclocked Snapdragon 888 (and some creative way to manage the heat)? Anything 'wow'. I'm just not feeling it with the ROG 5. But yes i agree that the Ultimate model is definitely a looker. Though it may not be suitable with a person my age!

  • Nothing against the design i mean the Rog5 is pretty, but I always found it dumb to focus to much on looks because in the end the phone will land in a case anyways.

  • @Danishblunt just to let you know the display on rog 3 and before is from a Chinese vendor called tianma display, it's mentioned in asian media, not sure why English speaking reviewers don't mention it.

    At least from zenphone 7 I can tell the display color is much better than rog 3 that I owned.

    I do think the screen itself is a big upgrade

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    There are Other leading OLED manufacturers like LG and AU optronics other than market leader Samsung. Asus never documented anywhere officially whose display is for ROG 3. Is there any reliable source that the display is samsung.

  • Even while launching ROG 3 there were no black crush....

    They won't show you while launching...

  • The point is, if you only have money to survive, don't buy this "expensive" phone!

    Because what you buy here is the "future technology" (5-10 years ahead). Of course the technology is still expensive today.

    This is a phone, specifically for high class gamers. You have to understand, what is mean of "high class" here. If you are still thinking about : what to eat tomorrow, school savings, marriage savings, child / parent fees (maybe), credit card bill, or ect, you should not to buy this rog phone series.

    But if you born in wealthy family, or have worked well, aha. you are free with your money.

    Like iPhone, many people use this phone as a way to "social climb".

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    As mentioned, I already talked with some sellers and numbers match with the Rog5 and such that it is a samsung display. However, it seems the Rog2 was supplied with a tienma screen. Maybe the ifnormation you got was an assumption because the Rog2 had it.

    As you can see on this screenshot of the Rog2, it has no DC dimming as well.

  • Not sure who is your reseller, but I confirmed with taiwan asus headquarter store, the clerk said rog 3 is not samsung screen. It make sense or else asus would advertise on their website .

    I even visualize the rog 5, compared to rog 3. The black is darker, and bright pop more in hdr. Also the rog 5 screen can reach darker brightness, which helps when view in dark room. Couldn't see any tint at the darkest brightness, but the room itself wasn't totally dark so can't tell.

    Left is rog 3, it is grayish in dark area, where rog 5 has true black.

    Not sure why, but in person the screen wasn't so blue.

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    This is the crappy overlay "fix" ASUS is trying to make work. Disable it and you get true blacks and picture looks great, however due to the fked up gamma you will have black crush in dark scenes. Once you compare them without the crappy overlay you'll see they are extremely similair, only difference is that dark is even darker on the rog3 thanks to messed up gamma.

    I do want to thank you tho, its clear that the rog5 has black crush thanks to your picture. The wheel backwheel on that truck is completely gone thanks to the blacks that crushed it.

  • At this point I can't help but feel management should start communicating with their devs before making bold statements like Rog5 has no black crush.

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    Some comparisons I found on an telegram channel

    Rog 5 vs MI 10 ultra

    (the one one the top is rog 5)

    No idea about the set brightness levels or the color profile on both phones

    Rog probably can boost colors more like the MI in splendid

    Is it me or ROG has better details? MI's colors look boosted and "smoothened"

  • id say they the rog is on a lower brightness, but that black crush is horrrrrrrrrrrrible, it looks clearer but still too far in some areas, thats a shame

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    But it's calibration is better than Rog 3 even the Mi above seems to be hiding black crush by boosting the brightness/colors you can check some areas for details like that guy's face and 2nd picture it looks washed out in MI

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    If that's at lowest brightness on both 🤔

    Rog tops out around 800-1200 nits this hear (1200 is max) so I think it should be much brighter

    If that's lowest I think it's more than enough on par with samsung's own phones as it's their panel and calibration just custom made for the Rog

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    Gotta wait for more comparisons we'll see more as more people buy the phone

  • As per my opinion , MI is looking way better than rog 5

  • And while you can't judge a screen through a camera, the mi10 does look way more brighter and whitewashed than the rog 5 does

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