Rog phone 5 availability in Europe with pricing

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Almost officially,The rog 5 models up to 16GB/256GB,will be available In March,The rog 5 pro in April,And following with a limited supply,The Rog 5 Ultimate in May

Greek trusted sites have already Confirmed it,Indian sites, Android Authority and GsmArena also have a similar confirmation,as well as spec lists

So if you want the best of the best,The best phone in gaming and the world,with the best speakers and design

Gather 1300€ and compete in the supply market to get the ultimate beast



  • DeanGDeanG Level 1

    I think we should wait until it actually comes out and people start to use it before calling it the best.

    Specs on paper is one thing, real world use is quite another. Asus has a habit of screwing up what could have been a great device.

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