Vivobook F510QA: A few drops of water spilled on keyboard, total/immediate power off.

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Vivobook F510QA:

A small dribble of water spilled on keyboard, total/immediate self power cut-off a few seconds later (it was my son in the next room...)

Have opened laptop, disconnected internal battery, memory module and SSD. Inspected motherboard, power circuitry, all high power USB jacks, etc. All looked very clean. flipped over and let dry over a warm air heater vent for a couple days. Pressed the power button for a good minute a couple times. Put laptop back together. No power-up with just battery only connected, nothing with battery and power cord (no power-up, no lights, nada...), nothing with just power cord and no battery (Power adapter/cord is fine, have tried others). Crap! That tiny bit of water on keyboard killed the entire power system!? I've taken apart liquid damaged machines with burnt USB, headphone jack, etc. connectors on motherboard a number of times. After removing burnt connectors causing shorts, etc., amazingly, a high percentage of said machines fired right up. Can hardly believe this ASUS could have been destroyed so easily...

Any tips or suggestions as to voltages to check, etc. would be much appreciated. Dates of manufacture of inside the case are from 5/2019 and the end user has only been using since the school started Zooming all over the place. Very disappointed if I can't get it up and running again. It's finally all loaded with software and even runs a modded GTA V incredibly well for what it's worth.

Thanks, -Steve

Vivobook F510QA


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