Smart band to control Camera

rockaskanerockaskane Level 1
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Does anyone knows if there is a smart band out there capable of controlling the camera in Zenfone 7 Pro?

I have Huawei Band 4 and it doesn't work.

Thanks in advance.


  • kr0mkakr0mka Level 2

    I have an Amazfit GTS 2 Mini and it works, but you have to set in the camera settings to use volume buttons as shutter, as it seems the smartwatch is triggering a volume button press.

  • Thank you... I'll take a look at that :-)

  • kr0mka, I bought The Amazfit GTS 2 Mini but still no luck.

    Can you share with the me configurations you use or had to change?

    I already set the camera settings to use volume buttons as shutter.

    Anything else?

    I don't even get the camera shutter screen in the band/watch.

  • Ok... I found the problem... it is working perfectly now.


  • kr0mkakr0mka Level 2

    Glad to help, I'd assume you didn't turn on the option in the laboratory menu?

  • Exactly. And it took a while to get sync but... now it works :-)

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