Can't start game genie in split screen

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In Android 11 it's not possible to start game genie in split screen anymore. Swiping anywhere from the left does nothing and the notification is not there anymore.

The button to start game genie used to be placed in a better position for this (right bottom of the screen next to the back button). Since it became Swipe from the left it is both not working in split screen anymore and it has become a nuisance in games that use swiping.

Some background info: I use macros a lot to automate tasks in Pokemon GO such as trading between two accounts.


  • agilo3agilo3 Level 1

    I hope this will get resolved

  • Anders_ASUSAnders_ASUS Level 6
    edited March 2021

    I see why you would want this but at the same time, you're the first one to mention it. That makes it hard for me to persuade our devs that this is something that needs to be fixed. But I will forward your suggestion to them anyway

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