ROG Phone 3 - Microphone Not Working

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I've been using the phone for 2 days after purchase and the first time I used it for calls. IT DOES NOT WORK at all. with all the game features and stuffs, these basic thing do not work.

I was able to use the mic off the speaker but when I started to turn it on people can't hear me at all.

Any solution for this before coming back to the retailer for refund?


  • @Jamps Open the calculator and press .12345+= which will take you to SMMI test. Go to 'Single test' and perform the following ones:

    • Speaker Test
    • Boardmic Test (1-4)

    Get back to me with the results. 🙂

    Also, please let me know which firmware version you are currently on. This can be found by going to:

    Settings -> System -> About phone -> Software information -> Build number

  • JampsJamps Level 1

    Thanks Gustav, the only thing I am having now after I reset the phone is the headphones microphone it does not pass through the test as I can't hear anything after I record my voice through headset mic. However, I can record my voice normally using an app and I did make few phone calls using my headset and it works. I don't know why it was failed when I did the test.

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