Hi! I want to buy the new ROG PHONE 5 but I'm worried about rog phone 3 issues like black crush!



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    What I hope is that maybe Pixelworks by doing the display for Rog 5 did also the fix for the rog 3, coming on android 11, this is the last hope we have.

    But if someone wanna buy Rog 5, wait some weeks/months and see what users say.

    DO NOT watch youtube reviews because they are all paid to don't tell the truth.

    Anyway for gaming rog 3 didn't give any problem to me, even if I expected more from the snapdragon 865... oneplus is a bit better but also reach higher temperatures in heavy games (ex. black desert mobile)

    And I heard that also the snapdragon 888 is not doing miracles...

  • I have to say that my Tencent ROG 3 works great (with Cn rom). Yes the black crush issue is there but doesn't affect me when playing games. I haven't had any issues with the phone otherwise. Must say that the Air Triggers are quite nice and it would be hard to go back to a phone without them in terms of playing games. Otherwise, there are definitely some better displays out there.

  • thank you for such an amazing answer, i wasn't throwing the tencent model under the bus at all, but the tencent rog with the WW rom seems to cause a hell of a lot of issues and is the culprit for most of the issues people are experiencing

    of course the display is crappy compared to others resolution wise, but refresh rate wise its great

    Thank you again for your level headed and amazing response

  • Sorry to hear that you have frame drops,but I don't so thus my point

  • Just Try to play one match at Sanhok map Land in Bootcamp or Specially Pardise you will notice.

  • Cant agree with you there at all, i get maybe a 1-2 dropped frames for LITERALLY 1 second? but then it shoots straight back up to 60 again

    I'm almost certain you have a tencent device flashed with a WW rom, or SUPER old firmware, because i have literally 0 of these frame drops to 30 what so ever, never ever have

  • and, if thats the case of you getting drops in frames, what settings have you got for pubg?

    have you tinkered with the settings in armouy crate at all?

    do you use the cooler?

    whats the firmware you're running?

  • What can I say? Ultra HD,water reflection AND 90 FPS is pretty hardcore,frame drops to maybe 87?

    I rarely get 74 FPS but that's for the mere second it renders enemies weapons clothes and hitboxes in a 150 meter area around me

    But in fights it's 89 or 90 which is the same thing honestly,and with the overkill graphics I can see enemies way clearer than even iPads

  • thats what i mean, people seem to underestimate the capability of the rog phone A LOT just because their phone isnt working, therefore ALL the rog phones are bad, i just dont get it

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    Please note this Sometimes there may be glitch from app developers as well pubg needs to fix that. Reporting to those app may help in this case there is not always device to blame bring up some screen recordings comparing oneplus 8 pro vs Rog may help to agree and have a closer look at it.

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    Ok dont Agree , I am an good player so fps matter for me so I changed my landing locations found no frames drops, in only hot drops more than 10 seconds of fps drops cant handle the match , my phone is as good as new no tecent version indian flipkart version with .133 was last update but fine no everyone agree to everything it was my experience no 1 or 2 almost verified with 20 matches with hot drops fluctuation is there more than 40 to 50 fps drops btw I use fan for extinstive time of playing not all the time , normal in daily I just play 1 hour in AC so no heat issues in hardcore tuning

    I am not very good in english because I didnt completed my graduation from cambridge university , I am sorry for my bad english, I am selling the ROG 3 proberly tomorrow. not for frames drops unhappy with services and forums

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