Does anyone know how to get 5g on an Asus Rog 3 perfect signal with other phones.

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  • Asus need to add it in. Apparently it isn't hard but needs " alot of testing"

    5g would probably be a good addition to enable cuz it's fairly easy to.

    @Gustav_ASUS please pass this on, it's advertised as a 5g phone but it isn't enabled, kinda poor form and somewhat false advertising

  • But my phone has the 5G tile, although it can't connect to it as my area doesn't have 5G

  • My area has 5g, it's sold as having 5g but it isn't enabled, not that I'd use it but not having volte sucks too, also another easy thing to add

  • That does not sound right. Have you enabled '5G Network' under Settings -> Network & internet -> Mobile network? Please also double-check if your carrier has any additional requirements for 5G. (Specific data plan, additional registration etc.)

  • 5g is definitely enabled, from what I've seen in the forums, there is 0 support from Asus for the ROG 2 and 3 for 5g or volte in Australia, even though it's advertised as having it


    There is no other requirements for 5g, and I've tried with 2 different Sim cards in my major city (which has 100% 5G coverage) and nothing at all, I DO get 4g+(or 4g++) while 5g is enabled, but not 5g, or VOLTE, and as the 3g networks in Australia are being shut down in the next few years, it's a requirement, not a request.

    Luckily in Australia we have pretty good consumer laws so I'll be able to return it under the premises of false advertising

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    So While Vodafone have an "approved 5G device list", there are several phones that ARE NOT on that list, that work with 5g no problem what so ever

    I'd suggest that Asus phones aren't sold or advertised (in Australia at least) as having 5G unless they are actually enabled to do so, because that's against the ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission) , and can be a very big legal issue for the company

    I highly suggest that this gets passed on, and that you look into


    as it is false advertising, VERY illegal and carries quite a hefty fine in Australia :)

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    Telstra (Australia's biggest Telco) and Optus don't seem to have working 5g either,, the 3 Telco's in Australia, with the other smaller ones piggybacking off the Telstra, Optus or Vodafone. this isn't a single Telco not having the right config issue, this is a DEVICE issue.

    i will suggest that this gets passed on with *very high priority* as the consumer laws in Australia are not something to test.

  • @Gustav_ASUS @Anders_ASUS @ARP_ASUS i highly suggest you have a look at my comments above and pass the information on, as the ACCC can ban the sales of ROG phones (and possibly other asus ROG branded devices) in Australia due to a false advertising

    Awaiting your response, as VOLTE and 5G (as advertised) should have been enabled out of the box, or not sold or advertised as having them

  • Was Volte advertised with the Rog 3?

    I bought one a couple months ago for work and the call quality is so bad.

    I'm considering going back to my 5 year old Iphone 7.

  • Pretty sure it wasn't but it's something that should be standard nowdays, my mi9t has it, my OG Google Pixel has it, and works in my area, but the rog phone 3 doesn't have it enabled for whatever reason

  • I get it, my iphone from 5 years ago has it.

    Being the third iteration of this phone it should definitely have it.

  • @botboy444 5G and VoLTE are not the same thing, and 5G does not need to be 'enabled' the same way VoLTE does. If you have a ROG Phone 3, you have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus 5G Mobile Platform with 5G connectivity.

    If anything, I'd like to get a device log from you so that our developers can take a closer look at what's going on with your unit and why you are not getting a 5G connection (assuming you meet all the requirements to do so).

  • I understand that VOLTE is different to 5g, and I can see the option is greyed out in the Phone Info, any reason why that is?

    Gladly, shoot me a DM :)

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