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This community especially our rog 3 section's quality is degrading day by day

I joined on September 2020 so i dont know any scenerio before that but i know what happened in last 5 months , people are getting aggressive with eachother day by day.

People are saying harsh things to those who are asking for help, just because someone doesn't know a thing and you know , that dont give you a right to say harsh things to them, if you cant help then better stay away instead of abusing

Maybe someone dont know how to restart a device but that doesn't make that dumb becoz maybe this is not their cup of tea and they are capable of doing other things way better than any of us is capable of

And we also have to stop blaming MODS for everything becoz they are doing their job but fixing issue is a job of devs and i agree black crush is a major in our devices then any other devices out there but only thing we can do is wait and hope that it will get better with time and i am gonna hold onto this device for 3-4 years minimum so yeah i dont change my devices just like many other so we are all in this together

Lets appreciate that we have forum to give voice to our problems and MODS in this forum are way way better than any other forum out there

Lets make this community a good one by helping each other and not being abusive to someone for any reason

Those who dont value others and who creates unnecessary disputes then MODS you should ban those users becoz they do no real benifit to anyone nor themselves

Lets help those who need it and lets appreciate MODS who tries their best to help us and lets say no to abuse ☺️



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    I agree with you not everyone is doing that there are few very few 3 to 4 who need company attention or they getting paid I don't whomever quote any issue or expressing there dissatisfaction , they try to embarrass him force to leave from here it's happening I to told them lot of time in very polite manner but they won't understand because they need attention, I don't blame mods at all because they can't control all the time but happy to see geniune mods here.@Admin @Gustav @Gustav_ASUS please make a note of it.

  • By the way I told you before I saw ur lot of posts and replies my respect for you.

  • Thanks , i made mistakes too before and i was also wrong too but lets get over that and start making this forum and we can do that together ☺️☺️

  • Sure thing OP,respect is given from most of us,but the people who don't respect us the users or even the mods should either be muted or banned,we don't want the quality getting lower as newcomers will arrive sometime soon

  • i know this comment is totally directed at me :P

    Thing is this is probably the most toxic forum out there, most of the posts are people piggy backing in threads about THEIR issue, and then when someone says make your own thread about it they get super mad about it and "ur paid mod u asus actor" and dont actually contribute anything to the forums what so ever, and then continue to do the same thing and not actually accomplish anything

    Have a look at the XDA forums, asking for an ETA or being an ass results in an instant ban, as they have moderation there, and surprisingly there isnt actually that many people with issues on that side of the forums, blackcrush has been mentioned and everyone is super chill about waiting for a fix or living with it

    (on that, a simple fix for black crush is turning up the brightness, i dont understand why thats so hard to do??)

    im not doubting that people have issues, its technology, it happens, lol

    but when people just expect EVERYTHING while offering nothing in return, it just makes them look entitled af, when they dont actually know that its not easy to fix that one small thing that *they* have an issue with, because it'll be a dammed if you do dammed if you dont situation regardless,

    If they take too long/dont fix it, asus worst company, if they release a buggy beta or something that isnt upto THEIR standard, asus WORST COMPANY

    if people are just gonna complain and create a fuss with out actually trying to fix the the issue or contribute in anyway, are you okay with them clogging the forums with "im going to samsung they have better support" etc.

    Asus are very lacklustre in support, but their mobile division would be VERY small compared to Samsung or Apple as its not their main product line,

    None of what i've said is a direct attack at you, its just my 2 cents about the state of the forums and i agree with what you've said

  • Here here good on you for having the guts to post on this issue, Very well said

  • Ok, I'll admit i became a bit toxic but it's because the community already had toxic members to begin with. i just didn't realize it until i posted certain topics that triggered their superiority complex. If mods just did their job and moderated what needed to be moderated, i probably wouldn't be the guy i am today. Btw, your post about peace and love ironically generated comments from users with obvious condemnation pointed towards certain users. Yup toxic community indeed.

  • This post is not directed to you only , its for me ,you and everyone in this forum. And as i told , i made mistakes too before but we all can get over it and start being polite like nothing ever happened before 😉😉

  • I don't have any special or specific attack on you ,I love how u back the company but polite manner would be better is what I said always aggressive in all the others post who says about the company than your not an legal authority here also if any thing s goes wrong mods will take care of it , u just quote your opinion in politely that's what I request other than I said 3 to 4 your not my Direct attack at all I see almost all your post you have good subject which can be utilised to others which can be helpful.

  • He didn't said you bro u never attack' anyone here

  • Thankfully you raised the topic. I've also witnessed that this platform which was supposed to help everyone has become nothing but a hate exchanging platform. Let's make it a better forum.

  • You know, there's also the alternate version where we all play nice because it feels better, and we moderators don't have to warn/ban people when things turn sour.

    Yeah maybe you could've told them that before they entered my post and started forcing their "facts" down my throat. And ironically, they were never banned. Oh that's right, because no mod ever tried to intervene!

    Golden rule goes a long way, don't slag off other users if you want them to be friendly in return. 🙂

    So why are you telling me this? I made a post, they slag me off, i turn salty because help was nowhere in sight and it's my fault? Someone should give you a medal y'know that.

  • Talking back to a mod is a sure fire way to get banned hahahahaha

  • You'd want that, wouldn't you? They can ban me if they want, it'll just prove this forum is against any type of freedom of speech, as some users seem to be a heavy advocate of. Well at least I won't have any more reason to visit this zoo.

  • We also exercise our freedom of speech,facts are Not hate speech,so we are allowed to say facts whenever we want,if you think we are trying to be a dictatorship and shove ideas down anyone's throat feel free to leave

  • Guys instead of starting a fight again lets just forgot what happened and all of us start being friendly with each other

    Dont you guys think it will be nice 😉😉

  • @Craven , remember me?🙃

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