No documentation for VivoBook 15 S513IA-DB74 on web page

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  • Cut off before I finished. I want to buy a 8 GiB SDRAM module for it but there is no compatibility list and no spec. available past the DDR4 3200. Specifically I want to know what is the CAS latency of the memory built onto the board so that I what I buy matches it.

  • Hello gdstew,

    May we double check the model name?

    it's S513IA? or S513EA?

    Thank you.

  • Hi Blake,

    The Asus VivoBook products web page has a VivoBook 15 F513IA with a 512 GiB SSD. The one I bought from NewEgg has a 1 TiB SSD with the model number S513IA-DB74, and the part number 90NB0RR1-M00940. I bought it from NewEgg last Friday and it was supposed to be delivered today but it wasn't due to shipping delays from the bad weather we had. The Learn more link on the Asus product page goes to a page with a couple of pictures, a large blurb about HDMI and nothing more. Using a google search for VivoBook 15 S513IA produces a link to the (it's a very long link so I didn't copy it here) that brings up this exact model number and the description on that page matches the one from NewEgg.

  • Hello gdstew,

    This is the page you found, right?

    I will ask related department to check on it.

    This model support DDR4 3200Hz 1.2V RAM, the slot support up to 8GB.

    Thank you.

  • Yes, that is one of the pages I found. As you can see it might as well not be there at all. If you go to any of the other learn more links on the other VivoBook laptops you will find actual information. This forum will not allow me to post links yet but like I said google search for VivoBook 15 S513IA and look for to find the other. I did find one other link to an Asus web page with a much better description but I can not figure out how I got there (see last paragraph).

    As per original post/replay, I already knew about the DDR4 3200(MHz). CAS latency (it's in the post) 17 to 22 clock cycles is what is available and I'd like to match what is soldered on to the laptop. Lower number of clock cycles is faster, more expensive, and wasted if not supported by the laptop. Some PC motherboard memory modules have 14 clock cycle CAS latency modules available so you can see that 22 is really SLOW!. There are three other important SDRAM timing parameters specified when you look at the manufacturers SO-DIMM modules specifications and they usually follow CAS latency as in they all will will have lower or higher clock cycle numbers too. This has a cascading effect on how slow these memories will be.

    Also, not to belabor the point but finding ANY documentation, even the very basic specs for this Laptop is like looking for a needle in a haystack 10 miles high! I am a long time buyer of Asus PC motherboards, mostly AMD, and finding full documentation and downloads for some of the 10 year old ones is easier.

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    If your laptop comes with intel processor means, then maximum capacity of RAM is indicated in intel processor technical specifications page

  • Hello gdstew,

    Well... the latency does not really matter for this case, because it is set up and can not be adjust.

    Please kindly buy any DDR4 3200Hz 1.2V RAM up to 8GB, it's fine.

    Thank you.

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