Should I disable this?

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What does this do and will it affect the mobile manager and Power master apps?

If I disable this,what could happen?


  • SaifuddinSaifuddin Level 4
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    Well , i suggest you not to disable any basic software related services becoz if you do , they might cause stability issues,

    And as i saw many of your threads regarding these type of software related services , you are spending a great amount of time looking into them , so let me give you a friendly suggestion, just relax and enjoy using your device coz these type of services neither effect performance nor on battery

    Dont get me wrong, you can still disable those services and try it on your own and if you see stability issues then dont forget to enable those again, choice is yours on what to do , i am just giving you somr suggestions.

    Always happy to help ☺️

  • ADHADH Level 2

    It's cleared well by @Saifuddin .

    Also device health service deal with Battery estimates of power consumption and more .

    It also check for screen battery consumption and optimize it's brightness level accordingly .

    Rest you can disable it , it may not have any negivitive effect but as suggested it's not recommended .

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