Disappointment on after sales service in Bugis Exclusive Store

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  1. System: Windows 10
  2. Battery or AC: AC
  3. Model: UX333F
  4. Frequency of occurrence: few times a week since November 2020
  5. Reset OS: No
  6. Screenshot or video: Refer ID A2102032707


Detailed description:

What I can say is every product got designed lifespan, I expect it be 3 years. Do not expect any good service at BUGIS exclusive store if touch wood computer having problem within the warranty period which is happen occasionally, and their service personnel is not capable to trace complicated hardware issue. I will share my sister experience below which already send to facebook page and google review:

First review:

I would like to express my disappointment for warranty service by ASUS. I’ve been using ASUS products since 2003 and this is first time I face terrible warranty service. I’m a good influencer and will never recommend friend to go for Asus products again despite having warranty.

Bought a laptop back in Jan 2019 which offered 2-year agent warranty. I’ve send to replace speaker just within months after purchase.

Start Nov 2020, 2 months before warranty expires, start facing issue where fan will spin at max and computer get extremely hot. It doesn’t matter on CPU resources as idle most of the time and this issue remain even after reboot and also enter to BIOS mode. The only way to stop fan spinning crazy is to power off and let the computer cool down. It will happen few times a week.

I send to Bugis service center and address this issue to service attendant Mr George. Received a call few days later and they mention they are not able to verify the root cause why PC getting hot and mention just replace the fan and ask me collect back and observe.

However, problem didn’t solve, still facing same issue. I send to Bugis service center for second time in Jan 2021 and sadly warranty just expired within same month. I address this issue to service attendant Mr George, he did mention my warranty expired. For my point this not consumer fault as this is their incapability to find the root cause during my first time send in for warranty as I got address this same issue to them, which should be solve during first time send in to repair during warranty period if they are professional enough. I left my computer there and George say will check with his manager and get back to me, and also promise will not charge checking fee.

They call back few days later but only passing down message mention their manager cannot do anything about it, without address who are calling to me and also didn’t mention whether they found the problem of my computer.

I send a complaint and address my issue next day via Asus support and receive call the next day from same phone number and talking same script that they check with manager but cannot do anything, and still didn’t tell what’s wrong to the computer until my brother step in ask, then he mention motherboard and fan need to be replaced. My brother asked back him why they can’t find the problem during first check during warranty period, he keep silenced. After that my brother ask him check back the first service record regarding issue I address, and he mention the service attendant only write in “Fan noisy” which is not correct at all, he didn’t address properly my issue.

My brother asks him to let his manager call back and till now no call receive from them.

It is disappointing that service center didn’t handle my issue in a professional way and it is critical for management to take action and improve or else will lost even more customer. I can see a lot negative review online. Bad listening skill (or can I say they purposely not wrote in my issue as warranty going to expire that time???), technician not professional/capable enough to check the problem, bad management practice.

Warranty is useless if you cannot provide appropriate after warranty service. One time is enough.

Second review (follow up from first review):

09/02/21 update:

Received call from same caller ID and this time round he mention he tested and found out no problem, and ask us to come collect back and observe again. Of course I reject and ask him to test and monitor properly, I got plenty much of time, he then mention he tested 1 whole day and fan spinning normally and highlight that fan no issue again.

I know if I go collect back the problem will arise again and that time round they will never entertain me.

It’s been a week since I send laptop to service center end Jan 21 and received total 3 call from same caller ID. First call highlight that their manager cannot let me claim warranty, second call mention same script without address issue of my computer until I ask back them only mention need change motherboard and fan and now third call say computer no issue and fan working normally.

They keep mention fan no issue, seriously the issue caused by fan?

For a logically thinking person will never think fan is the root cause of why computer getting hot unexpectedly as fan only receive command from Embedded Controller (EC) on thermal measurement and response including FAN CONTROL.

There is nothing wrong to FAN even when first time send to service center last year end as it can spin smoothly and no issue on fan bearing PLEASE.

I got plenty much of time for you to test and find out, did you do stress test?

When checking for problem, shouldn’t you patiently check root cause why computer will suddenly become very HOT even CPU is idling not under high resources and trigger the thermal control to let fan spin and maintain at its maximum RPM? And WHY computer still maintain so HOT and fan maintain maximum RPM even after reboot computer and in BIOS mode? And why this issue happen occasionally, what chip trigger this issue occasionally? What issue causing the HEAT? EC? Northbridge? CPU? Please think why this issue trigger only occasionally.

Shouldn’t you check why PC still maintain HOT I had address the issue trigger 2-3 times a week only after few hours of using, computer was using every day as work from home with power plugged in and mostly only use for Chrome (Facebook, youtube, job portal) and Ms Word only.

On 3rd call Telling that there is miscommunication during previous 2 call you think consumer can accept?

Last Review:

Wow received call yesterday and mention only “it’s time to come collect back your computer” then hang up. Impressive, complete ignorance with this service standard, Good job Asus.

My sister will arrange time to take back the laptop and sell while still able to turn on. We will never support ASUS again with this customer service standard. ASUS management probably review your company service as can see a lot of negative review online. You might say yea there is haters but there is supporters too but I can tell you your negative review is too much which you probably need to concern about to make improvements.

Good Luck.


  • Hello cw_ko38,

    Please kindly share the RMA number or SN in the PM I send you.

    If you have some screenshot of the device temperature when you found the issue, like in Task manager or so,

    please share with me as well.

    Thank you.

  • Laptop collected back, same thing no update and that Mr George absent.

    Asus FB seems close community as well and can’t see any msg.

    well, farewell and no more Asus for me.

    Good luck to others.

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