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    Not really a RIP logic if the main use of your phone is for gaming. Your point about customization, lots of things can be done using Play Store apps then. That is the whole point of using Android and that is to build up the customization on your phone. I use a screen dimmer, do I complain that the screen is too bright? no. I go to the Play Store and download the things I want. So your point on AOD and Fingerprint can be done on Play Store, that is if you wanted to that is.

    Air triggers I only use for gaming, but I don't use the aura lighting :) I do not use the air tirgger to trigger x-mode and extra. I also do not use gesture functionality. So yes, I am using this phone literally what the box says, gaming.

    The battery optimizations you will get that for all phones. The only difference is that you have to turn it on like you have said. This is good for security standpoint.

    You should really go for Pixel if you want to be the first and if you want to be on the latest version of Android.

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    Here are some things you can find on Google Play. Have a look around!

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    Care to elaborate how it's good for Security to not allow users to get their work mails and conference calls?

    And they have to bend over backwards and change 3 settings in different places per app to make it work normally?

    Is getting push notifications a feature? Edge case that not many want?

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    So that's why you were saying AoD drains battery?😂

    For basic features we have to use many 3rd party apps which will hog lot of permissions and ruin your battery life!

    You're bootstraping your own argument mate.

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    Again you don't use AirTriggers for anything, then that's why you don't have problems. Not everyone will use their phone the way you do.

    Everybody has their different work flow, way of getting things done and enjoy on their phones.

    Just because you don't use something doesn't mean no one should, right?

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    By the time the suspicious app is run (automatically) your anti virus from your company (I hope your company has one installed on your phone) , it would of detected the signature way before the suspicious is run on your phone (when you run the installed app).

    Not sure by what you mean by 3 places. Only 2, 1. to turn the app on when the phone starts (Asus) and 2. the stop the app from sleeping (Android). Takes hardly 10 seconds.

    By turning the above on, you will get notifications. I only need notifications for apps that I need like WhatsApp and Outlook as an example. Apps that do not need notifications or run in the background is YouTube and Netflix while your screen is off or your are not watching thus battery saving. You might need them because you watch Netflix. Turning off battery saving mode, well you will use up more battery than those who had it on.

    AOD does waste battery. I only shown you a picture so you see what you can already do. (By the way I have deleted my AOD already as soon as I have posted). How much battery AOD uses depends on what you choose, so thats up to you.

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    As your question is mostly about support and we want to keep this on topic, I suggest you make your own post about the issues you have.

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    Auto start, super clean, battery optimization, altering/non altering notifications.

    Anti virus, Seriously? Everyone knows antivirus on phones is scam. Android is build in a way that no app can access protected working set of other app. Atleast not if you write app by keeping in mind architecture guidelines.

    Also any app can do whatever you have permited it too nothing more. And its not like windows installations where installing an APK will install unknown sneaky services without you knowing.

    Basic stuff.

    What you are trying so say I guess, those device policy apps,which become device admin and allow your employer to keep separate work profile and virtual partion for accessing organization apps, files and mails.

    And that's what I'm complaining about, you have to add those apps in all those places, I mentioned, go make them work seamlessly. Again non of this is would have been mattered that much if asus had already provided enough features/right ones and regular support, in regards to fixes and major updates.

    Which all they already do, To Zenfone series, which costs less than Rog.

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    I dont think Optiplex stops you from getting notifications. I have always had mine on and I get notifications. So, not sure what is happening there.

    The company should invest in proper antivirus solutions. Usually your company will provide you a corporate antivirus. Again, this is going off topic, so be it if you think it is a joke.

    The optimization is meant to speed up the phone so you can play games smoothly and the only way to do this by stopping background services from running.

    Can't help you with your work related problems if things as simple as AV is a joke as a starter.

    Going off road, probably time to close this thread?

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    If you think you're going off the topic, don't reply to others. Let others share their views. Without proper software support, Asus is loosing customers and bad word of mouth can destroy a company. Asus should take note on this.

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    Hey even Linus doesn't even recommend ROG 5 or any ROG phone as a matter of fact due to bad and lacking software support.

    Atleast someone has guts to say it.

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    Nobody: Needs better software support

    YouTube: Needs better software support

    Fanboy: It's okay, I love my device and I'm satisfied with software support. Let's close this thread so nobody can hurt my feelings.

    This discussion is not specified to any topic other than what's wrong with Asus' software and hardware and letting them know how badly it affects their costumers and why they are going to loose costumes in future.

  • literally every single review had under "cons" asus is the worst with software updates, literally every single review

    besides that the phone is great, except THE LACK OF UPDATE TRANSPERENCY IS THE WORST

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    Not by a long shot, if that is the best you can come up with, then lets continue and keep this constructive.

    Like I have mentioned since I have joined the forums (not this post), the software updates is lacking for ROG 2 and this was evident on one of the websites. 6 months it said the delay was. Research is key to your problem and you had ROG 1 to look at from a first generation phone perspective.

    It had took you almost 4 generations of ROG phone to figure out that is the case.

    Wasn't you who said why I belived online sources? Now you are believing because it said something you wanted to see or hear what you want. The irony.

    Like I have said, I speaking on behalf of those who are not here, where phone is working fine as it is.

    The phone is not clutter free from things that is not actually needed on a gaming phone like AOD.

    Yes, I am challenging the guys who are asking for the moon to be added to the phone.

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    TODAY, RogPhone 5 failed the durability test by JERRY RIG.

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    I have explained my every comment regarding security issues.

    If just gonna answer is rhetorically then better not even comment on it.

    Av is A JOKE on android phones. If you don't believe me check interviews of The Linus Torwalds, founder of Linux.

    If you had even 0.5 % idea of how android architecture is under the hood, then you would have known why AV on android is a scam and money grab.

    Closest to anti virus android has, which has potential to do what AV is supposed to do, is Play Protect. That's it.

    If your defination of AV is "stop installing unknown/black listed app" then that my friend is just a filter / blocker and not a antivirus.

    There are no worms in android: as files can't run themselves as executable unless you are rooted

    There are no ransomware in android: because you basically have to give whole storage write Access To any app. And background running, battery optimization and all that stuff.

    There are not rootkits either (without root)

    Also in 99.99999% cases you can't even root without unlocking bootloader.

    There is no cross session hijacking on app level, as apps run in their own containers and you can choose what data write in public directories and what to write in app-local path.

    I can go on and on....

    Also no non vendor anti virus can protect you from many of the above attacks due to same reason why viruses/malware/worms can't affect the device.

    Any antivirus to work should have Atleast system wide or for most effectiveness complete root access. And that your favourite brand Asus doesn't provide!😂🙌🏻

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    I think you have answered your own question about the security updates and you have also confirmed that it is user responsibility to look after their security :/

    Either way, be it, because your logic there is as long you have everything downloaded from Google you are fine (which I agree to some extent). Your other logic is you dont need to worry about viruses because it doesnt exists yet or Androids can't get them.

    With tech, anything can happen. It didnt happen in the past doesnt mean it wont happen in the future. Most of all, you are relying on Google to do the work for you. (Look at Microsoft, Look at Sony and Facebook - bet you didnt jump up and down about their security ;')).

    So your example, unless you give the said app full access, then they can't steal, encrypt your files? Viruses/Ransomware/Malware (doesnt matter what it is) dont need full access to the root storage to steal or encrypt personal data.

    Avast is built in ROG 2.

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    Yep... Kinda satisfying now... Asus now make phones which are not have structural integrity keeping users to buy device more frequently. Good luck Asus with that.

    Virus just don't get from application, it can get from visiting some site and developers are so good these days that without proper security updates virus can be deployed through network layer also.

    Avast is a joke and always will be, other than cleaning clipboard it does nothing as android system doesn't allow antivirus to work, it's nothing more than bloatware and same goes for windows, no anti virus is needed as windows now have built-in windows security.

    As for the encryption RoG doesn't have any dedicated chip for encryption so it rely on android backed encryption so it's quite not that much secure.

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    Is written in ROG 5


    "Good Luck" and Have Fun!

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