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    1. Mods say it'll be available soon so wait a bit more ig and if you check Asus isn't the best brand when it comes to global support for carriers with stuff like volte/vowifi (in India it's more than adequate) but in certain carriers in USA, Australia even volte doesn't work ( you can deduce this by reading some posts here on zentalk)

    2. That's a relic of the past now I don't see many modern phones supporting it last I remember a cheap 2015 Onida phone I had had vilte

    3. Not a priority feature and just to inform you Zen ui 7 has it and Rog 2 will probably get Zen ui 7 as Rog 1 got one Zen ui upgrade too (wait for news on A11 should be clear after Rog 3 gets A11)

    4. This is an software problem with your device the call block feature in game genie is flawless,try clearing app data cache of game genie

    5. Not a difference both have the same results Rog has some pretty good themes with many accents available (or you're limited to 6-8 colors in many phones) Rog's exclusive themes,X mode light up and all is probably the reason for the themestore, Zenfone series has accent colors in display section of settings

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    7. Phone app can't be minimised when in-call😂 what are we KitKat users?

    8. Auto dark/light mode

    9. 3rd party launchers with system navigation gestures not supported

    10. Always on display is a joke. No customisations, not interactive.

    11. You can use some type c headphones directly

    12. Have you looked at stock recorder app? Its like GIF is kept as animation at 10fps

    13. Fingerprint unlock animation? We are using generic qcom one😂🤦‍♂️


    Rog 3 has bypass charging: did you know it deliberately not made available to rog 2?

    You know that many of the above mentioned features are added to RoG 2 China edition?

    Last build itself added new fingerprint animations.

    What do global users get? Lol.

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    Many of these are available to other gaming phones.

    Plus last I checked twitch streaming has been discontinued. YouTube streaming has glitches and doesn't work sometimes.

    Heck, even google assistant doesn't work half the time when you use gesture to launch and connected to bluetooth device.

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    Bearing in mind ROG 2 is a 2nd generation of the ROG phone series. Some of you are comparing several (Samsung is probably 10x generations ahead) generations of phone ahead of ROG.

    Customizations - ROG series definately not a phone for you if you're looking for lots customization, if Android (by Play Store) isn't enough for you in the first place.

    I guess some of you are right about VOLTE, VOWIFI being available to major carriers or where you're in a country with no/little 3G coversage. If ASUS is saying they are working on it, I guess you have to wait a little bit longer.

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    From your favourite encyclopedia - WIKIPEDIA

    "The ROG Phone is an Android gaming smartphone made by Asus and the first generation of the ROG smartphone series. It was announced on June 8, 2018 at the Computex computer expo,[1] being the first Asus smartphone to be targeted mainly to gamers. It competes with the Razer PhoneXiaomi Black Shark, and ZTE Nubia Red Magic."

    Does anyone here have Razer Phone, Xiaomi Black Share or Nubia Red Magic?

    Don't be saying Samsung - a phone that was made generically for everyone :)

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    I don't why such a trivial functionality is delayed for more than a year. Its not like people asking some major features. VoLte and voWifi are fundamentals.


    How you justify that we are asked to wait for more than a year now?

    Tier 3 brands have them out of the box now.

    And @Averan A mod officially said that rog series gets only 1 android update. And if you still go to Rog1 Forum you will find people being told by asus "we I'll let you know, wait for announcement" for more than year, and guess what Rog 1 doesn't even have Android 10.


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    Also why everyone is forgetting inherent hardware design flaws. Causing to devices to go dead on their own? And Random shutdowns.

    Its not isolated issue,I atleast saw 20-30people complaining here.

    For all its worth, asus should have made official announcement and gave free replacement to affected devices. What they do? Give you small discount for 28k / 400$ repair. Which itself was caused by theirs fault.

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    Guys we are not arguing about the unique features here that RoG have.

    Every company have their unique features. For example iPhone now have Dolby vision recording, for samsung it's single take feature, etc.

    But they all get atleast 2 major android update.

    Don't be saying it's a gaming phone so we don't have luxury to get atleast 2 major update. After all it's just a smartphone.

    We are here to get atleast 2 major update otherwise Asus is never gonna plan for 2 major android update for its RoG series.

    And if I'm not wrong anyone who plays games on the phone is already a tech nerd so 2 major update is a big deal.

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    On point!

    Is rog 2 flagship device? Yes

    Is rog 2 complex device? Yes

    Do gamers need latest and greatest S/W for best performance? Yes

    Now, flagship device which happens to be gaming phone with complex internals should be supported for longer terms.

    Is it much of an ask? I don't think so. 2 android updates is just bare minimum here. Specially when you are barely pushing security update very quarter now, and there are lot of bugs and design flaws causing h/w meltdown.

    Asus should get their act together! Otherwise people will crash Rog 5 release!

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    There is a link between unique features and major updates though. For any company, it takes time to implement major updates.

    From UI skins to AOD to hardware related configurations. If every phone had no sort of manufacturer changes, all phones will be like stock Android.

    These changes takes time and time is actually money for all companies. Yes, Google, Samsung can do it much better because these are mostly APK files (exception, probably fingerprint reader).

    As Averan mentioned, Armoury Crate alot of configurations you can do changes on are on the hardware itself, CPU, memory, fan and even the accessories. If these are easy to do, XDA custom ROMs would have the above (especially air triggers) working by now.

    At the end of day, it is a business model, with ROG phone as a gaming phone - the last thing gamers want is useless fancy things slowing you down. Really a win win situation. Everyone wants forever lasting updates, but these comes with time and time makes money.

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    Now Asus promoting Rog5 using Carryminati and Scout in youtube, bcuz they know Rog3 not successful. Check flipkart also...

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    I know it's time consuming to create software like armoury crate but it's also not that much time consuming.

    Better software is needed not to show off but to keep phone up and running for newer apps, emoji, API and most importantly privacy and security improvement.

    People nowdays send happy face with tear emoji and it's just a unsupported crossed box system wide except some application like WhatsApp which have there own emoji libraries.

    Also to note out that newer interface will be more matured than previous irritation of android so some functions might be helpful to a bunch even for gamers also. So it's just not about showcasing fancy. Maybe next major update increases performance of the games due to some under the hood changes.

    And we are not asking for lifetime update. Just proper 24 - 30 months of update and on time, and time makes money if they actually utilizes it for better software. No proper software support will lead the consumers away.

  • @Vamp "Software errors has been ruled out as hardware errors for random restarts because dev are so lazy to debug the issue and rather change expansive motherboard than minimal expansive coding."

    We collected an unprecedented amount of device logs for that issue and the team conducted a thorough investigation into the root cause. A majority of the logs provided to us by users here on Zentalk pointed toward hardware-related issues, which is why those same users were correctly guided to service. Please don't spread misinformation about this.

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    If device is not it warranty then they are asked pay for it(discounted price). If its hardware issue, design flaw, users are entitled for free repair no matter what.

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    You are sounding like Asus Shill at this point now.

    "These changes takes time and time is actually money for all companies.":

    Man that's literally why they ask us hundreds of dollars upfront. That's how business work, duh.

    "these are mostly APK files":

    why doesn't asus put all the stuff in apks then? Yeah its a business decision to make Old phones obsolete with new feature going to new users.

    "it is a business model, with ROG phone as a gaming phone":

    Again there are like 10 features that are developed, tested and are available to rog 2 Chinese varient. Why they never made it to global?

    Finger print animation etc.

    "last thing gamers want is useless fancy things slowing you":

    And give me some features in other devices/roms that are not available in rog because they may slow down gaming phone?

    "For any company, it takes time to implement major updates. From UI skins to AOD to hardware related configurations":

    Its funny how most customised, unique roms, MiUI, OneUI, OxygenOS all have better track record. They must have legendary godlike developers to push 2+ android update plus many features at the same time.

    Also, regular security updates in themselves have been nuked, coming every 3 months now. Many fixes that are taking forever to fix.

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    According to Asus strategy they give update whenever they feel they want because security update is not important for them when the device is running ok .

    Then they always give excuse like we are small company in mobile department so dont compare with other companies for regular updates .

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    @Gustav_ASUS for you it might sound like I'm spreading misinformation here but from the POV of an consumer I'm jumping to conclusions after reading atleast 80 threads regarding this matter on Zentalk, reddit and XDA forums.

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    I think Gustav addressed the shut down issue for you, so I dont really need to say much on that.

    Mostly APK files comment is because the features from other manufacturers there is nothing special to them.

    This leads to my next point about gaming phones. You have drivers built in the firmware to allow certain functionality to work. This is why custom roms do not have air triggers as this code is property of ASUS and the as part of a business model, they have the rights to keep it that way. It is their income source.

    The comment about how OxygenOS can do much better, I guess this is a software for people who wants to customize their phones. Comes back to my point, "generic phones".

    At the end of the day, not all phones will suit everyone and you cannot make everyone happy.

    Customizations do not make people play better on games either. Armoury Crate and Game Genie as Averan mentioned.

    Security updates is important, but the question do this relate to what you do on the phone? Do you know what the security update is for?

    On the forum, people have been asked to go to service centre regarding shut downs by moderators. Lets be honest, there will be some who would have created another account just to escalate the issue. 20-30 customers out of how many units sold? This is a forum for asking help and you would expect everything here about problems and possibly the same. Still, it would be good to have zero I guess.

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    20-30 people of total active Zentalk rog 2 users. Get your assumptions right. Not everyone is on Zentalk, not everyone knows zentalk exists.

    Also you didn't read, people saying they are being charged for this issue? If its h/w design flaw it should be free without considering warranty status. That's why apple replaces keyboards and Batteries of some of their products, industry standard.

    Security updates: So like yeah phone is not kept secured by manufacturer better stop doing work on phone?🤦‍♂️ Everyone makes online transactions, share trading, access confidential work mails and documents in their phones.

    Have you forgot the exploit where anyone can get near 777(su) level access to your device without unlocking bootloader? Check news articles from last 3 months.

    I never said anything about drivers and asus's secret curry.

    And you conveniencely ignored many of my valid questions there mate.

    Also justify missing fundamentals: voWiFi/volte on major carriers, airtel voWiFi in perticular?

    Also why can't asus just put official statement whether A11 is coming to R2? Why silence?

    Why rog 1 is stuck on A9?

    $1000 and you can't get 2 android updates? Why are we debating this?

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    Sorry if you didn't get the response you wanted. I think you killed off the debate by saying "You are sounding like Asus Shill at this point now.".

    Shutdown Issue

    I personally don't have any issues with shutdown issues. Shut down issues can be caused by many factors and as Gustav has pointed out, it is mostly pointing to hardware problems. As majority of the shutdown issue is happening in India, Flipkart or wherver phones are brought nowadays over there needs to investigate how these phones are sold. The first place where Tencent devices are sold with WW firmware - this phone combination are not even sold as a product. I too have been thinking why this happens on many phones and it points to users (probably not something you want to hear). Shutdown issue is a sympton and not the actual issue here. It is what is the root cause of the issue as pointed out earlier - a rogue program installed? You might say all your apps are legit. If so, this is why you have been asked to visit service centre. We as a customer can be clever and ask for the reason why you're getting charged and what is the issue before paying? Or do customers actually pay without thinking about the situation? We can move on from here - you can ask the Service Centre and get them to explain the issue to you, because it has been known to fixed the issue. So personally, I think this is a reseller issue where original state of the phone is modified to fit for certain market. ASUS cannot stop people from modifying the phones, hence you see the disclaimers. At the end, you guys are filing a case, let's see how it goes, if it goes.

    Security Updates

    No-one said about stopping updates. ASUS hasn't confirmed they have stopped working on ROG 2. You still get moderators answering and asking questions about issues where half of the time, moderators don't get the responses. Regards to exploits, I use some common sense. Everyday there is always exploits to things. Everyday, there is a threat - a threat can be simply as crossing the road. Use common sense and beaware of what you download/visit. Surely, you would know that from work right?


    Same for both of us not reading then. In my previous post, I said I agreed VOLTE/VOWIFI should be available for major carriers around the globe. Nothing else to talk about here.

    Android 11

    If you don't understand the complication in getting these upgrades done and don't know the difference between the ROG phones against other generic phones, it's hard to explain. But that's not what you want, you just want Android 11. Wasn't it you who mentioned we wasn't getting Android 11 before ASUS announced? But anyhow, let's wait. There's nothing contractual between us and ASUS getting 2 updates or more, so let's hope they let us know then :) Either way, it doesn't spoil my gaming experience. Customizations don't make me a better player.

    I'm sure ASUS will get better at what they currently do. There's always improvement.

    ROG 1

    As answered in Android 11 section.

    $1000 and you can't get 2 android updates? Why are we debating this?

    You're making it sound like it's contractual to get 2 updates. Is it contractual? ASUS doesn't need to follow their competitors. I think as soon as other manufacturers gets into gaming segment on mobile phones, then maybe ASUS would consider doing 2 updates.

    I brought this device for the unique gaming that generic phones do not have. I would also consider other gaming phones too to see what they are like. Generic phone users won't see anything different. An analogy of this is art. People like me will just think it's a mess but to some, they see lots of things.

    I am always up for debate - feel free to ask more.

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