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Only a few people who own ROG II use Zentalk like double digit users. And everyone is saying ASUS is a 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 company because of less software support.

Every user is been rooting for better software support. Your updated as slower than anyone else. Even non - existential companies like Essential was better at software support.

It's not even been complete 16 months since ROG 2 released and updates are more than 3 months apart now.

No sign of any major update.

Software errors has been ruled out as hardware errors for random restarts because dev are so lazy to debug the issue and rather change expansive motherboard than minimal expansive coding.

Many more things with lazy software devs and mods motivates themselves by saying, "we are a small company". I mean what the literal 🤬.

If you can't keep up with the software exit the mobile phone market, you already have better reputation as a laptop manufacturer than being smartphone manufacturer. ROG II was a hit until software started getting delayed and crappy. ROG 3 wasn't a hit and neither will be the upcoming ROG if you keep using this little software support strategy. You can still gain some reputation releasing ROG II android 11 beta in next 1-2 month and sales of your next device is gonna depend on to how ROG 2 was supported, because many people have ROG 2 and fraction of people have ROG 3 so everything depends on ROG 2 and your upcoming device.

Promising 2 major update while releasing the newer device isn't gonna impact your sales given your history.

Either change your history or become History choice is yours.



  • I will be using my ROG II until it dies. After that, I will buy Samsung, Asus support and update are a joke. Even my tablet, Samsung Tab A8 with S Pen, receives more updates than my ROG II.

  • At the rate the battery degrades in this phone, It won't be long. Even with the built in software tool that lets you charge the phone properly. It's dying fast.

    My battery is only at 4800 mAH now.

  • Very well said!

  • Hi Vamp,

    Totally understand the situation and do note these type of feedbacks are taken strongly. I have forwarded the concern ahead and will get back to you all.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    @ARP_ASUS sir can you forward 100's of 5z users concern ahead as well???

    There is necessity to make some strategy changes now Asus after looking at other OEMS in larger market competations.

    Below thread is really very hopeful thread still trending almost 100 users have commented and are still really wishful with ASUS for future updates after looking at other OEM to keep ASUS reputation in larger markets like india where ASUS is so silent with zenfone launches and only focusing with gaming segment, lots of Zenfone users are still hopeful i request please take a look into this thread and if possible please forward this thread concern & feedback to higher departmet as well 👇👇👇

    I hope voice of requesting 100's of 5z users will also be heared.


  • Samsung, 4 years of Android updates support! Asus, please, at least 3 years...

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    Dams It's True, ASUS is really BAD in Software Development and Support, it's look like ROG Phone II already become FORGOTTEN DEVICE.. It's so terrible for us

  • Depends on your region in India they dump shitty overpriced Exynos variants

    Only thing samsung does better is the support for their top flagships

  • How about "Barely 1" 😂. Its Asus you should have know already.

    Never recommend Asus products to anyone.

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    Seriously? They launch 8 Exynos devices and 2 Snapdragon's. You should be clever enough choose.

    No matter what series, M/A/S/Note they documented and committed to 4 software updates. (there is difference between 'promise' and 'commit'.

    "Top flagship": Haven't you bought Rog 2? Is Rog is not flagship series?

    Any other brand, be it Xiaomi/Redmi all get multiple feature updates if not android updates. What's last 'new' added feature you saw in Rog phones via OTA?

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    Samsung flagships which launch with Snapdragon chipsets aren't launched in India

    Some midrange do have sd socs but 7 series coupled with worse hardware and with the bloat heavy one ui it'll lag even in ui rendering (even 90hz ones)

    And I'm an Zenfone user saw this thread in "recent discussions"

    Xiaomi is weird when it comes to software updates by the way,miui versions don't follow android versions miui 12 recently incorporated android 10 gestures (miui's take on android 10 was miui 10 or 11) they released multiple ui versions and claim it to be based on newer android versions but in actuality it doesn't incorporate the changes

    (From XDA memes)

    In my opinion I'd say the features Rog offers won't be available even in the next 4-5 iterations of android

    Google is adding an gaming manager in a12 (pixel lacked one till now) and many things aren't present which you get in Zen ui since past (5/6)

  • Samsung S10 lite, S20 FE? Do exist right?

    Won't comment on budget oriented 7 series as no one here comes in that target demographic.

    Xiaomi: is it bad thing? What you want from android updates? Practically? New/Different features? Long term support? Don't you get bored after 1 year with same S/W? I can count many Cool features that are there in many roms but not in Stock android.

    Give me 3 RoG features that won't be available for Next 4 android iterations? Or that are not available in competition? Lets see.

    ROG UI: No voWiFi for major carriers like airtel. Also in many countries RoG 2 doesn't have Volte for some carriers. Tell me is this a novelty?

    H/W: count the number of people who complained Random reboots, add to that number of people who's device just straight up died without any reason.

    One guy had is device go complete dead while using normal social apps, when he went to service center they couldn't figure out what happened, they instead asked 28k for motherboard replacement. And then turns out it was battery who was causing the issue.

    Also how many people in Zentalk complained that there device was damaged by service personnel during repair. One guy went to replace his screen and when he got device back his AirTriggers were dead.

    If you lauch a complicated phone you better support it for long term, but here bugs like bluetooth calling on VOIP are taking forever to get fixed. Was reported last year. They pushed a fix didn't do anything.

    I can add more and more.

  • I won't say anything about the hardware issues as 2019 Asus phones had quality control issues (mobo failure) in certain batches

    But coming to Zen/Rog ui features there are actually many

    Armory crate as a whole has so much stuff (hardcore mode and everything can be customised)

    Game genie with fps monitor,real time info,live streaming,macro etc (other OEMs don't add much to their gaming managers)

    Actually a lot more coming to gcam development Asus is one of the few OEMs who offer aux support without root and 48mp raw support in gcam

    There's are so many other stuff though

    Rog 3 has bypass charging for example and Asus is one of the only ones to have it

  • Did you say many features? Let me remind you..

    1. VoWifi doesn't work for Airtel

    2. ViLTE doesn't work in Asus phone app.

    3. 3 fingers screenshot doesn't available.

    4. Block call notification doesn't work.

    5. Bimonthly security updates missing.

    6. You can't change accent color. You need to download themes from Asus store. Still it won't apply everywhere.

    I hope you understand now.😀

  • Completely agree with you bro. Asus is offering so much new unique features in comparison to other brand. A truth that cannot be ignored. And yes I can say that they need to work on software updates for Rog series. But in Zenfone series everything is good :)

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