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  1. Asus 6
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now there is another problem after update, after ending the call the screen remains dark after taking away from the ear why is that? can you help it?


  • ???halo admini Asusa

  • Have you tried restarting your phone?

    Maybe you have a case and/or screen protector that has collected dirt around the proximity sensor?

  • krewniak19krewniak19 Level 1

    restoring to factory settings did not help, removing the case did not help, cleaning the sensor did not help the sensor works worse and worse, once the screen goes out during a conversation, sometimes it does not, once the screen lights up after the conversation, once it does not light up, today it did not light up at all, I could not turn off the phone or turn on, auto-brightness is also going crazy, the guy on the hotline told me that this problem will disappear after the new update, is that true? the battery is also not much better after the update ... 132, where is Asus support, where zenui help, where device care, why did you do something good, how should I do a test and diagnostics of the proximity sensor, android 10 was great, android 11 only problems, please answer

  • krewniak19krewniak19 Level 1

    I bought Asus for the Zenui overlay, and here Zenui is only in name, there is bare android, which has nothing or even asus support or device care, why other companies have nice overlays like miui or others, and here such degradation, not here now has no play with the overlay settings, besides android 11 broke everything that was good in android 10, i'm furious with Asus

  • BhaskyBhasky Level 2

    Tip: Never trust Customer care executives / Service center executives, they are totally unaware of certain facts of a device, they are unaware of the forums as well, so better stick to Forum mods and some exp users here who shares / reports significant issues / updates / tips

  • krewniak19krewniak19 Level 1

    so here I am writing about my problems but so far hardly anyone answers

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