Amazon prime not working in 1080p, not even working on 720p

edited March 2021 in ZenFone 6

After recent update, Full HD content stopped working for Asus 6z.

Make it working again.


  • Amazon prime and other OTT services. All are working in standard definition.

  • Seems to be playing in HD for me.

  • Hi, request you to provide us with your device's latest firmware version. You can follow the below instructions to do the same: Settings -- About -- Software Information

  • Check streaming quality in setting. See if it's on best or not.

    It should show 2.35 GB/hr for best if you can stream in full HD. If it's less probably restart or reset your phone

  • For me i get full HD option

    Maybe it could be due to Widevine change just download DRM info from play store and check for security level it should be L1

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