[Zenfone] Importing/Exporting your contacts

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To import or to export your contacts, please check the below instruction:

Note 1: The instructions listed below are based on ZenFone 4 (ZE554KL) / Android 8.0.

Note 2: Information in this FAQ may not apply to all series of Zenfone products. Some screenshots and instructions may vary due to different software versions.

Import the contacts

You can import your contacts and their related data from one contact source to your ASUS Phone, email

account, or a SIM card.

1. Tap Contacts then tap image > Manage contacts.


2. Tap Import/Export then select from the following importing options:

 a. Import from SIM 1 card / Import from SIM 2 card

 b. Import from storage


3.  Select one of the following accounts to save the contacts:

 a. Email account

 b. Device

 c. SIM 1 / SIM 2

4. Tick to select the contacts that you wish to import and tap ✓ when it's done


Export the contacts

Export your contacts to any of the storage accounts in your ASUS Phone.

1. Tap Contacts then tap image > Manage contacts.


2. Tap Import/Export then select from the following exporting options:

 a. Export to SIM 1 card / Export to SIM 2 card

 b. Export to storage


3.  Tap to select the contacts from the following accounts:

 a. All contacts

 b. Email account

 c. Device

 d. SIM 1 or SIM 2

4. Tick the contacts that you want to export and tap ✓ when it's done.

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