3rd party apps compatibility issue & more Android 11 bugs

On latest Android 11 (132)

1. Some important 3rd party apps like kinemaster, wwc3, pixel launcher, lawnchair2 , others mod apps compatibility issues continue...

Please fix this problem.

2. When I dial from asus dialer sometimes it get being ringing though his/her caller tune is something else. When I call for second time then it get properly ringed.

3. Can't add pay options on new classic power button.

4. Need slo mo at 920 fps

5. Apps resizing options of level 50 to 100%

6. Important bug I faced twice:- while traveling by bus I was watching YouTube videos & then came a call , when I picked up call phone get hanged & reopened after 1 & half hours @Anders_ASUS fix all thiese bugs as soon as possible


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