Enable/disable professional account not available in quick settings

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Hello team!

I just bought this week a ZenFone 7 pro and I just see the button to enable/disable professional account (case icon) is not available in the quick settings when I swipe up to down. I tried to add the icon from the list, but it's not available. I have enroll again my device and reboot it but no way 😭. I came from a ZenFone 5z and the option was available. My ZenFone 7 is up to date on the last release.

Is it a bug, a missing feature or an issue on my side?

I used a lot this quick option on my ZenFone 5 to be in peace when I am free.

Thx and best regards,




  • I'm on a 7 pro and it's there, I'm using it without issues. So it's not universal.

  • Thx for your feedback. My company use InTune to enroll devices. I'll try to remove everything and retry it from scratch.

  • Hi all,

    I removed 3 times all my professional apps, InTune, reboot the phone, reinstall InTune, make the enrollment, but definitely no way 😭. I don't have this f***ing icon in the quick settings.

    For me it's a regression from my previous ZenFone 5z.

    I hope it will work on A11 on my device.

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