Rog phone 5 official launch event is on March 10



  • There is so much wrong with that reply I don't even know where to begin.

    Most flagship phones have the literal same dac as the Rog3. The reason for this is simple, because at a certain quality point it makes no difference. While the Rog5 now has probably on paper an even better dac, it makes no difference to you as a person. It's very similair to how 32bit vs 24bit audio is a stupid discussion and why phone displays don't have 8k resolution because you don't even see the difference with your naked eye anyways, same as you won't notice a difference in sound quality with the new ESS Sabre DAC vs other qualcom dacs.

    The front facing speakers of the Rog 5 is excellent and very loud, much like the previous rog phones, They will absolutely smoke most phones out there quite easily. In terms of loudness I can only think of the lenovo P2 that would compete with the Rog phones.

    Most people are concerned about tencent havnig to do something like spying on people due to how the china goverment can control companies, while it is unlikely it's still a possibility a lot of people are afraid of.

    Also no, a phone can be quite clear from bloatware while having a clean look to them. Look at samsung how bloated those phones are, due to the massive bloat the batterylife suffers quite greatly.

    Also quite sure ASUS is trying hard. If they did really just want to make a quick buck, they would pull a razer phone move, but ASUS is commited to their Rog phones.

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