Low brightness for Asus rog phone 3

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Hello sir,

I'm using rog 3 for 6 months, I waited for this long hoping you guys can give update for low brightness for Asus rog phone 3, but you guys didn't. Actually my old can decrease brightness more than rog because I'm using this rog 3 my eyes are paining. I hope you guys give update for more than current brightness decrease rate.

Thank you.


  • @vaibhavmenta2000 Are you saying that you think the minimum brightness level is too high?

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    @Gustav_ASUS yes, I want the minimum brightness level to decrease more than minimum brightness level

  • Yeah , let us decrease the minimum brightness more than we can now kn .131 update

  • @Gustav_ASUS Yeah , let us decrease the minimum brightness more than we have now.

  • The minimum brightness is too high. I have said this here in this forum many times and nobody has listened to me. It is very damaging to the eyes because the minimum brightness at night is very high. Please reduce the minimum brightness of the phone to protect our eyes. I hope that once and for all they solve it.

  • Hi

    What about turning on the night lights and the change color of the mains from the setting menu. I dont know if u understand me but it is very flexible because u can adjust the warm light and protect your eyes to your needs!

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    I always have the night light activated at night, but I insist, the minimum brightness is annoying. I also have a Samsung S9 and it is super comfortable to see at night, the minimum brightness is much lower. I have also been able to compare with 3 more phones. A Note10 +, a Xiaomi MiA3 and a Leeco Le Pro 3, and they all have a lower brightness than the Asus, they are more comfortable to see at night. The one on the Asus is annoying.

  • Ok thats your opinion, and it is acceptable! For me the low brightness is fine, but in addition the outdoor maximum brightness I think need to be higher!

  • True, the minimun Brightness is so high at night compoared to other devices like Xiaomi or Oneplus. It is so painful for the eye to watch with that much brightness... and if you are football fan like me, I will advise to to watch it some other devices (that's what I do) till the fixes.

  • @Gustav_ASUS So,Can we get the update for low brightness ?

  • PTGPTG Level 1

    Install Dimmer app🙏👍

  • Why installing third party apps ? when Asus can fix this with just an OTA update ?

    The minimum Brightness is so high at night and very uncomfortable to Eyes

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    I think exactly the same, I don't understand why you have to use a third-party application for such a simple thing. The minimal brightness is very annoying.

  • I bought rog 3 when it was released, in the beginning the minimum brightness was lower, but because ppl complained bad color, red tint, when it was low so asus bumped it up in an update .

    If they did bump down ppl will complain, but I personally prefer bump down the brightness, my screen seems ok not super bad as ppl said

  • Yup this was probably done purposefully

    To mask the tint,black crush a bit the first thing OEMs do in such "fixes" is to increase the minimum brightness this can be seen in many recent phones with such complains

  • When I worked on my kernel I also dropped the minimum brightness because I had the same issues as you guys with extremely crushed blacks and such. The reason ASUS has set the minimum brightness higher is because of that reason, the screen was almost not usable. It can be fixed tho which I have proven before but it takes some work.

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