Bootloader unlocking and relocking policy ?

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I'm considering buying an ASUS phone because it's not made in mainland China.

One day, updates will stop so in order to safely continue using the phone I'll need to flash a community supported firmware onto the phone.

1) What is ASUS' policy to bootloader unlocking?

2) After I've installed the new O/S, how can an ASUS phone help me to re-lock the bootloader and keep the phone secure?

Please let me know if some ASUS phones are better for this than others. Also, which phones are battery replacement friendly, if any. I can't see much info on iFixit.


  • Hi spamrisk6

    Thank you for your asking. Please note that unlocking the device or flashing the custom ROM are quite risky, may causing security issues like Widevine Issue, banking app usage issue, or unexpected software issues. Besides, any unlocked/rooted/custom rom device will be regarded as out of warranty device. Last, officially, we do not provide lock back service. Once the device is unlocked, the server will have related record and it can never be revised even if you lock the device back by yourself. Thank you.

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