My phone is frozen since I put in the USB-C to Headphone jack Connector. I just wanted Music....

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while gaming on the way to work in a train, I put in my USB-C to Headphone jack for listening to the Ingame Music, the Icon for Headphones appeared but my Gamemusic cracked like hell...after that I put the Connector out and the headphone Symbol was still there, but no Sound from my Phone or from Headphones...there was literally just silence. Because it/the headphone icon didn't want to go away, I decided to restart my it's hanging on the restart screen and I can't do anything than waiting till the battery is empty.

So far since I have this phone, there exist still a lot of issue's with the bottom USB-C Connector.

Please patch/fix it or tell me what I can do with a frozen phone??

Do I really have to kill my battery now?

Like I said, the issue exists since having the phone from release date, the Bottom USB-C Connector has a lot of issues's if you want to hear Music from it and this isn't even a new problem.

I also thought 2 times that my USB-C to Headphone Jack Connector was broken, but the Side USB-C Connector always proves: No, everything is fine.

So, it CAN only be the Bottom USB-C which still has a lot Software Issues ( can't talk about Hardware Issue's so far )


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