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Anyone out there have any idea when A11 is coming for ZenFone 7,s ??

And please don't say soon or I'll have to say,,Are We There Yet ,, until the cows come home.

PS , maybe we should simply scrap A11 as ,A 12 is almost here ? Should we just wait,a lot longer, and go straight to A12 ?? We are so used to waiting

I know I'm a sh#t stirrer but come on Asus A11 is Here for the downloading so what is the problem???


  • Stop crying. A11 is literally the same as A10 apart from those few new features from A11, since you already have ZenUI 7 unlike ZF6 users.

    Do you want a stable release or not?

  • Not helpful!!!!

  • Well at least it got a response thanks Anders

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    Ok let's put A11 aside for now what about the monthly Google security updates. My wife has a Nokia 1.3 and it gets monthly updates. It is now the 17/2/21 and it just got the February update. I had a pixel for a while and I appreciate that it's a Google phone but it would get security updates on the 5th of the month.

    When can we expect the February security update?

    I paid$130 au for the Nokia and $1000 au for this zenfone 7. I am just puzzeled as to why we wait so long for basic security updates and also curious about your response to why?

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    I don't think there's any point pushing updates to android 10 now

    It'll probably be android 11 stable now directly

    And about Nokia don't those run pure aosp and it's changelog is just "updated security patch" every month I never really liked vanilla android, like on nokia it's very barebones lacks many features (including many simple things) for example even pixel os lacks something as simple as scrolling screenshot, gaming manager, launcher customisations etc

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    Yes I agree with your taste in phones ( obviously) or I would have kept the pixel 5 or gone with a Nokia. I love the zenfone series, even more than the rog 3, but I just get a little impatient regarding the updates.

    Ok android open sourced project, I don't believe that Nokia are totally aosp I believe that they use it when considering the OS but not totally

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    Vanilla aosp as in barebones android one experience like nokia has

    Zen ui is stock+ as it is right now

    Btw I too prefer Zenfone over Rog cos of faster updates and better cameras but rog is a beast in terms of raw specs and the customisation it offers

    And as far as A11 being delayed for zf7 I think this was partly to blame for the late global launch of the phone (the phone launched when google released stable A11 for the pixels) then Asus had to register users for beta which took a month and so on

    Explains why Zenfone 6 got android 11 before,their recruitment program started earlier

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    Yes the rog 3 is a beast of a phone alright. I had one for a few weeks before I realised that I purchased a CH version that would never get Ota updates so I sold it straight away,lost a hundred dollars but that's life eh .

    The pixel 5 wasn't a bad phone but it kept partially losing its Bluetooth connection to my 2019 Toyota HiAce,s Multi media uniit so I sent it back to the Google store who replaced it with a brand new phone, again I lost about a hundred dollars as I sold it. I didn't want to take the chance on another pixel so I came back to the zenfone series and to tell the truth,it was worth losing $200 to experience other$1000 phones.

    Now that I have come back to Asus phones I don't know why I ever got rid of my old zenfone 5Z . They are about the only phones that supports both android auto and Miracast. I love the mirrcast feature as I am a delivery driver and often get an hour or so in between jobs just sitting in my van so it's pretty cool to be able to cast a movie to my vans screen.

    I had a Samsung galaxy S 9 which did both but whenever I tried to mirrcast while using a VPN to stream US content in Australia it would cut out so here I am waiting for the zenfone 8 , I just hope that Asus doesn't drop the Miracast feature in the 8

  • I may be new to this HELP Forum but I have/am involved in enough forums to know that if your only response is ,,stop crying,, I need your help like a hole in the head !

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    If you can read, I wrote more than "stop crying"

    Anders already said "Android 11 is coming soon" on your previous thread.

    And why would anyone want to give you a nice answer if you ask your question like that:

    "PS , maybe we should simply scrap A11 as ,A 12 is almost here ? Should we just wait,a lot longer, and go straight to A12 ?? We are so used to waiting"

  • Soon is an answer you give your children when you have no idea. Speaking of children I think I will ignore you SOON,no hang on I have already done that

  • Soon is the answer you give because you can't tell when the software you're working on is actually finished. Like anders already said it's not something you can just download. There are always some bugs/issues that delay the release. Not my fault that you have no patience and don't understand the nature of software development

  • The A11 is better than 10. Although there is little in the interface, the operation is better and cooler, after all it is a new OS. I am hoping to leave the A11 stable to purchase a ZenFone 7.

  • I had a pixel 5 for a while so I agree with you about A11 . The main reason I want it is so I can connect with my van using android auto. I am a distribution driver so I use AA often and hate the fact that it charges my phone while using AA . It can't be good for the battery.

    The ZenFone 7 is a great phone and the longer you put off buying one the better. They have already dropped about$100/$150 a phone

  • Well, I was a beta tester for A11 and it's basically the same as A10 apart from the few A11 specific features.

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