zenwifi connection timeout and admin interface unavailable

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  1. System: Router
  2. Battery or AC: AC
  3. Model: ASUS zenwifi AX6600
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Unknown
  5. Reset OS: Windows
  6. Screenshot or video: NA


Detailed description:I have a brand new zenwifi ax6600 router set and was able to set up the system successfully three days ago. I was away for a day or two and when I returned the network drives had been password protected and the router admin interface (router.asus.com or or the mobile app) cannot connect to the router due to a connection timeout. I have turned off the firewall on my laptop: no help. I have done a hard reset on the router: no help. I have turned everything off and back on again: no help. Windows diagnostics says the computer can't automatically detect the network proxy settings, so I turned off automatic proxy setting: no help.

Oddly the router still dishes out internet over the wifi network, but I can't get in to administer the router in any way.

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