Is it Rog Phone 2's End of Life? Open letter to everyone. #PseudoFlagship

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[Rog 2, Global/Indian Unit, 8/128gb, Non rooted, 0.65 build]

So Still no updates on fundamental issues? (Airtel WIFI Calling, WhatsApp, duo, Skype Bluetooth device issue, random reboots)

No reverts from mods for months, a year and half now? Almost no mod is active in Rog 2 forums these days.

Is RoG 2 a dead rubber already to Asus? Even comments are being approved and won't be published as is, are freaking Kidding me?

Plus, what's sickening is, no android 11 for Rog 2, as Rog series will get ONLY ONE major android update! Yeah, it not a nightmare its reality, and its often disappointing.


See what I would call Rog 2 or whole Rog Phone series is, "Pseudo Flagship", where in because of spec sheet and price of the device you are made to believe that it is a flagship, but in reality, it's just a hard cash grab. See a flagship is more than a device, it's an experience, be it UI, software optimization, customer satisfaction and after sales support etc.

With Rog 2 however we got late updates, often new bugs, which took forever to get fixed, crappy service center experience (people got their devices damaged from service center), 0 quality control and accountability (Random reboots), and missing fundamental functionality (Wi-Fi calling on Major carriers like airtel).

Let's make better life decisions going forward and stay away from such brands who are running for cash grabs and "0" customer satisfaction.

You make an investment of your hard-earned money, you put a trust on the brand to handle your essential digital experience through their products and yet you get treated as "poor guy asking for favours" which you are never going to get anyways.

Wake up people wake up!

Yours sincerely,

Fellow #PseudoFlagship user!



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