How can we connect wired headphone and charger without Aeroactive cooler?

edited March 2021 in ROG Phone 3

The Aeroactive cooler has ports:

  1. Type C port for charging
  2. 3.5mm jack for wired headphones

  1. The fan makes a lot of noise, and disturbs co-ordination while playing with other players. I always have to switch my mike off to play with the cooler
  2. The bulge created by fan obstructs my ring and middle finger required for stability while playing FPS games

Is there a way to connect wired headphones and charging cable without the cooler? Like a separate accessory? or an alternative? (Bluetooth headphones have a 0.5s or 1s lag. Dont know why, if anyone can suggest me debugging options for bluetooth headsets too, that will work)


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