Bug: Bluetooth Headphones audio laging / cutsout when phone in pocket

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: rog3
  2. Firmware Version: 2012.131
  3. Rooted or not: no
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: always
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): bluetooth

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Bluetooth laging disconecting when phone in pocket with airpods and sony 1000xm3 and im walking outside

airpods 1 gen 2 audio cutsout copletly but music contune playing when get out thephone from pocked audio still muted

with sony its just have sound stuter like before disconecting

without pocket i can go freely in the whole house even go one flor downstairs and still music playing

any chance to fix this via softwre update?


  • @Gustav_ASUS can you look at this i provide more information

  • @yosef019 Bluetooth can be fickle when you're outside with your phone in your pocket, head moving, other signals around. If you suspect something is wrong with your device, start by resetting your Bluetooth:

    Settings -> System -> Reset options

    Do you have any connectivity problems with Bluetooth when you're at home?

  • I use Fiil T1x earbuds and i get stuttering too when I'm outside like at my workplace. I found that the culprit was the abundance of wifi networks in the area, possibly even the 5g signals because i don't get any stuttering when i turn off both WiFi and Data. BT is smooth when I'm at home because there's only one WiFi network and 4G available.

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    at home when outsite of the pocket i can go all over home with airpods 1 (60squre) and with sony 2 flors outside of the apartmant

    its mosly happend outside outside with 5G on

    other user from israel having this too

    i used this case with back hydrogel and front nillkin glass ^^ and had sound muted in airpods

    now used with this case didnt have disconect or sound muted ( with other lose pans) ^^

    i update this tread after i test in jeans and regural work pans

    dont close lets see if other users have it also

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    Update with tight pans its disconnecting outside even with thick case

    its can work 5-10 min ok

    but then from no where sound just cutsoff and music contune playing and when i got phone from pocket its wont resume sound

  • @Gustav_ASUS i checked with friends s21 ultra didnt hapeend any disconect with airpods outside

    any chance incrase the bluetooth signal if phone in pocket ?

  • That's normal, been using 2 TWS, Wh-1000xm4, and my IEMs and He400i V. 2020 with bluetooth thru BTR5.. It might be the interference from other devices or the device itself being optimized to use the best codec..

    Check the Bluetooth settings of your audio device in the phone and unclick HD audio.. If your device is supported by an app, there will be a problem with that.. Maybe you can set SBC as default codec in the developer options..

    BTW, I use BTR5's multipoint with my Lenovo Legion Phone Duel and stuttering is apparent if both devices are open..

  • didnt have problems with s21 ultra and with redmi note 9

    asus have bad Bluetooth same as bad screen

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