Asus ZenFone 4 Max Firmware Update Not Detected

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Android 7.1.1


Rooted or not: No


Telefonuma sitenizden son çıkan ve benim sürümümden bir sonra çıkan WW SKU için olan firmware güncellemelerini indirdim. Ancak indirdiğim dosyaları dahili hafızanın kök dizinine taşıyıp, telefonu yeniden başlattığımda bir kaç kez yeniden başlatsam bile güncelleme bildirimi gelmedi. Yeniden başlattıktan sonra sistem güncellemelerini denetlesem de yine algılanmadı. Sebebi nedir? Nasıl düzeltebilirim?


I downloaded to my phone the latest firmware updates for the WW SKU that came out of your site and came after my release. However, even if I moved the files I downloaded to the root directory of the internal memory and restarted the phone a few times, no update notification came. Even though I check for system updates after restarting it still not detected. What is the reason? How can I fix?



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    Nobody to answer? @Christine_ASUS

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    Hi Yamac

    Thank you for your asking. Sorry for the belated reply due to Lunar New Year holidays. Based on your screenshot, I saw your firmware version is VF_TR-14.2016.1805.235, which is the last firmware version for VF_TR SKU. Thank you.

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    The SS that I threw says VF_TR. However, another part also says WW_Phone. I downloaded the firmware version for the WW SKU. And he died. He did not give an error. I updated it via SD card because there was no notification. I thought you did not know the answer or left the forum because the previous position was not answered for about 10 days and this position was not answered for 2-3 days. Since no one else answered, I emailed Asus. Thank you.

  • Hi Yamac

    Thank you for your reply. As I mentioned above, sorry for the belated reply due to Lunar New Year holidays, from 8th Feb to 17th Feb. If your issue remains the same, please check your inbox and provide me your SN for further checking.

    Besides, please note that I deleted your another thread which has similar content. Kindly avoid any overlapping thread or message, which may disturb the mods and the users to solve the issue.

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