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    If users camera has blurring problem, it's the device fault,

    If users mobile front camera shows lines in pictures, it's ur device fault,

    If users device has more battery drainage after last OTA update, it's ur device fault,

    And solution for everything is clear cache/data of app, check safe mode, do factory reset, go to service center. That's all. Never expected this type of service from brand like asus.

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    Was considering buy Zenfone 7 soon but i give up this crap Asus software developers. Good Hardware but BAD Software

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    ROFL..... Like seriously you are blaming me for not raising issues ohh god...! 😂 🤣 I am not asus owner but Just a user remember this and yes as you said let me tell you i am satisfied with what i have so no complains from my side also please note that i always keep trying whatever i can so plzz... 😅😂

  • Look guys, I am also a 5z user for 1.5 years now. I don't comment a lot here becausesome things I have reported have been taken care of. While ASUS dev responses are below par. I'd say mods and users here are more than supportive, including @amitgarde3. Many other users and mods are also receptive. So cornering a mod or an user is not a justified behaviour in any case.

    However yes, I agree wholeheartedly that ASUS should for once take note of how the devs are working because the patches released look extremely lousy sometimes and it deems as if the effort from the dev side is kind of lousy at best. It is something every brand goes through but there is room for improvement here.

    That being said, let's look at a few important points here:

    1. Camera blur issue seems to be a major thing with this device. I have personally never faced this issue in my 1.5 years of usage. But some users seem to be facing this. There was a sim card problem earlier which affected a lot of users. It happened due to some batches of phones that were shipped with faulty hardware. People who bought 5z around that period were simply unlucky and they had to get the hardware replaced. I think the camera issue may be similar where a few batches of products have a faulty OIS motor that keeps getting stuck. Take it to the service centre once.
    2. But since someone reported that downgrading to A9 solved the camera issue. There may be something we are onto here. Can we get side by side A9 and A10 screenshots and logs. @amitgarde3 @Averan @Anders_ASUS @Christine_ASUS can we please look into this one at the earliest? We might be onto something here.
    3. Lastly, battery drain is something I have been facing too. I was getting 2.5 hours SOT. A complete factory reset brought it up to 3.5 hours SOT on A10 v110. Downgrading to A9 is giving me 6.5 hours of battery so something in the software must be messing with the battery too. It is not just a battery issue. That being said, the problem may be from google's end as most phones suffered a battery hit with A10 update. I'd request ASUS to look into this, but there seems to be something in A10 from google that is sucking up more battery compared to A9.

    Hope these help you all! Thanks! Peace!

    PS: Seriously, when is this update coming though? 😂

  • If I downgrade to Android 9 will there be any security issue ?

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    First i am very much thankful to you that you noticed my helping hand to this forum meansalot😊

    Camera comparisions which you are saying to be done between A9 & A10 for camera blur problem this has already been done like 9 months ago had a long discussions on this let me tell you that even by comparing between 5z vs 6z have been done when A10 came in for 5z as we were also feeling the same that quality got degraded but again i want to tell you that after comparing A9 vs A10 there seems no diffrence a much infact A10 was much better in some cases and even same goes with comparing 5z vs 6z in some shots at same location same lightnings 5z was at its best but obviously 6z is not too less. Real comparisions are when you do side by side versions like A9 vs A10 at same location same lightning same angles and this has been done with testing units by Devs and there was no diffrence but Also they noticed A10 was much better in terms of detailings sometimes

    Note:- it all also depends on how much stable you hold ur cam during a click the more you shake ur hand unknowingly the greater you will notice the blur. at every angle lights, and stability gives diffrent results so basically camera is not degraded nor there is diffrence between blur issue.

    About battery issue as you are saying that after downgrading you suddently started getting 6.5 hours SOT (Thats huge diffrence this should not happen) if this is true share latest comparing screenshots of SOT between A9 & A10 also dont forget to mention firmware versions to which you are camparing of both A9 & A10 so that i will take those as a proof to mods and then we discuss furthur. I think you will help on this i want someone to bringup if it is real i will definetly take it furthur coz as per my earlier discussions with mods as well as my logs the only thibg devs have found out that it is battery aging and nothing else so no i have changed my battery and i get 6.5-7 hrs SOT. So basically no complains here. And changing battery clearly shows real diffrence between SOT. If you still think you are not satisfied than only way remains is to get comparisions get proofs and hopefully devs will agree.

    But i am still thinking & doubt Did you change your battery lately! coz 6.5 hr SOT can be acheived only with new battery??


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    Mobile Network Standby Battery Drain ? .. @AmitGarde , You Are Going Tell Change New Battery ? . How I Got SOT Because I Turn Off WiFi , Mobile Data , Screen Brightness 25% And I Am Using KillApps : Close all apps running , I Will Kill Almost All Apps Even System Apps Also Then After I Got This SOT . First I Got This SOT On Android 10.. Happy Tears 🤣

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    Yes SOT may vary with whatever apps you use also other aspects like how many times you unlocked, how much brightness you had on an average, and networks in your area if is more fluctuating than definetly there will be more mobile network standby drain 5hrs SOT is not less for 2 years old battery but if it was new than you would have definetly got 7. 5hrs or more SOT with same usage at same settings. Also dont forget you are using it with dual sim so 5hrs SOT seems much better with your old battery.

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    I'm getting good sot on the current firmware (still using the original battery which is 2.5yrs+ old at this point)

    They just need to fix the stats though

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    Also if you still doubt that something wrong with software you can give a try with factory data reset once and see behaviour with your battery drain.


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    Let me tell you my battery stats problem was fixed automatically after i changed my battery. So i guess there seems something wrong with android to calibrate battery with less health and believe me Android stats are not always accurate so you cannot trust those stats fully.


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    Xiaomi redmi note 8 pro battery statistics work perfectly. I have been able to test and use it many times. So in summary, Xiaomi note 8 pro is also an android phone. Or am I wrong?If others are doing it, why can't Asus? Or doesn't want to deal with it?

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    Here i show my new battery stats and SOT with some gaming & always on 4G.i dont see any mess with stats after i changed my battery.

    @JACKSPARROW @Averan @hkorkut @Guri27 @dsaikat127 @Gera


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    I Think i dont need to change new battery because i got SOT 5h sometime , today i got 4h 40mins only but that is fully based on usage and look your ss phone idle is just 6h 25mins but mine 22h 40 mins . Per day how many times you charger your phone @AmitGarde. i will charger my phone once. May be software side also problem battery drain no need change battery , i think and whats your though. i am not fighting just sharing my opinion @AmitGarde


    One Request Take Screenshot u try based on like my usage means phone idle if possible .Even i will try to based on your usage. Then we come one conclusion.

  • Here I m sharing my latest SOT with new battery 👇

    Some gaming+ Always on 4G with Dual volte on

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    How long do you need to charge your battery in total for these sot values? How many more minutes do you need to charge after the green LED lights up?

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    Because if you take your phone out of charge after the green LED is lit, it is not possible to catch these sot values. I have tested this topic a lot. It was tested with two batteries. Even if the green LED lights up, the battery is not fully charged.

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    Battery full charging time is approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes. In other words, after the green LED turns on, it should remain on charge for about 30-45 minutes on average. Well now let's ask the most important question. What is the green LED for then? If the green LED means the battery is full, Asus is deceiving us. Or there is a software problem with the battery charging setting.

  • As soon as charge reaches 100% then immediately I remove my charger. I m getting these SOT due to new battery.

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    This is exactly why Asus now needs to be honest with us. He gave us a phone like Ferrari as hardware. But the software is still on the Lada level. Isn't this a contradiction?

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