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  • Any idea when the next update is coming? Just wondering.

  • AmitGardeAmitGarde Level 5
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    The update should arrive by the end of this month. It got delayed and I hope it will be the last delay for this FW. 🙈

    Stay tuned!

  • LOL 🤪🤣

    Even if it comes it won't have much to offer.

  • Hi everyone there (facing battery drain issue) please don't mislead any1 by telling the real problems of device. As amit garde has said that ur device is faulty so it is. He's the 1 to decide whether it's the device problem (hardware related) or it is software. He also said me same thing to replace battery for no reason as I'm also facing huge battery drainage after the last OTA received. There is no meaning of arguing here. As amit garde is the 1 who has got the best device from the asus (i think so) and best services that's why hundreds of people facing same problem are liars and he's the right one. So please asus will not listen us anymore. That's why amit garde is convincing every1 to replace their battery instead of asking devs to check for the reason behind battery drainage.

  • LOL 😅 Thats too..... Much... 😂😂

    Your answer to this is here,

    Its not just me. there are few others too who have changed there batteries and everything is f9 for them now but you are always trying to just mock everyone and try to speak anything off topics this is not the first time i have encounterd with you but several times you never accept the facts and so you keep doing same thing again and again i guess. So i keep my dignity and ignore you hereafter.

    But as a forum member and also as a user experince let me help you one last time. The answers from various other users in another thread for your same similar like comments is here do check again if you have forgot about this thread 👇👇

    I hope this should surely help you. 👆👆


  • hkorkuthkorkut Level 2

    unnecessary polemics are not the solution. Our main issue is how will the next update be for this battery drain? I need to look at this

  • hkorkuthkorkut Level 2

    Of course, many more errors such as the first camera blur need to be corrected. Since I am focused on the battery, we cannot just ignore them.

  • AmitGardeAmitGarde Level 5

    Camera blur is also a hardware to blame as OIS gets stuck at some level and hence blury camera issue is seen. i personally analyized that most of people who tried installing custom rom and than again came back on stock have faced camera blur issue. And as myself a 5z users since 2.7m years i havent seen any problem with camera due to software everything seems flawless.

    Regarding upcoming update of battery backup we will get to know when it drops but as per what i know there will not be any battery related fixes because my all logs have failed to impress devs and trust me i have tried many ways to show if battery is culprit for drain/ less backup but after comparing there testing usnits with healthy battery they say its normal and they dont see any uneven behaviour with system drain and so i have requested you the steps if you can do that would be more helful for us to raise it to mods and ask them if theres really something wrong with software for battery drain.

    I am waiting for the SOT latest proofs from 92 version from your steps of downgrade to A9 and than updating to 92 (A10) so that i may prove devs real diffrence. I wish you will do it ASAP.


  • hkorkuthkorkut Level 2

    I upgraded to android 9 version. But then I couldn't upgrade to 92 version of android 10. Because the 92 version on the Asus support site was not installed. He gave an error. By the way, my camera keeps blurring in the latest version even though I haven't installed any other roms. There is no camera blur in the Android 9 version. I think this part is a remarkable issue.

  • AmitGardeAmitGarde Level 5
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    Try to check for system update from settings instead of installing manually and is this for real you ar speaking camera blur got fixed when you downgraded to A9? If yes than i request you kindly capture some recordings from that A9 version before updating to A10 so that it will be easy for us to compare it with A10 blur issue this will help mods to accept the software error. Also how is SOT with A9?

  • hkorkuthkorkut Level 2

    I upgraded to Android 9 version. Then I updated the settings. The update it installed was WW- Again, when I update from settings, it was updated to 99 version. So, while the system was updating automatically, version 92 was bypassed. By the way, I don't have time to work for more SOT. Let the mods research a little themselves. I guess it's enough to be so guinea pigs to give them evidence

  • hkorkuthkorkut Level 2

    If so many people say the battery is draining and the camera is blurry, then there is something wrong somewhere. I think it's the duty of Asus to fix this

  • hkorkuthkorkut Level 2

    Because many users, including myself, have been saying these problems for months. A lot of screenshots and evidence on these issues have been shared so far. What more do we have to do? That should be enough.

  • hkorkuthkorkut Level 2

    a term used for this condition in Turkey. The word for beating water in the mortar. I think the situation of Asus zenfone 5z users looks like this.

  • hkorkuthkorkut Level 2

    Run in circles,

    Talk in circles,

    Beat the air

    I guess these describe Asus zenfone 5z users.

  • hkorkuthkorkut Level 2

    Maybe 20 chapters opened for the battery. Maybe 10 titles have been opened for camera blur. But the result is zero.

  • hkorkuthkorkut Level 2

    In The Matrix, agent Smith has a nice word. Exactly as follows.

    Why Mr. Anderson Why?

    Now I want to ask.Why Asus Why?

  • Coz asus has gone deaf and it's doesn't care about its market nor about the customers so it is going as it is other companies are gaining and asus is losing results are all here and most know it too the reason why so I personally has no hope from asus that it will do something's for the users in near future so.. I have been not active here just coz they don't consider your values

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    Keep telling the problems guys. At last your device is faulty in every situation. No matter what it is. Neither devs are looking after the threads and he (amit garde) is not going to tell these problems further to any dev or mod. As his device is working fine i don't know how? He'll never gonna help the users and keep telling everyone that ur device is faulty. So stop expecting any improvements/updates. It's the end to zenfone 5z. Deeply disappointed to have buggy flagship phone at last.

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