My rogphone2 suddenly becomes blackout at its screen while charging or playing game

My rogphone2 suddenly becomes blackout at its screen while charging or playing game.

Sometimes it continues with automatically restarting.

Please help me on this case.



  • Charging के साथ गेम खेलते टाइम्स मोबाइल ऑफ हों जाता हैं...

    मदद करे.....

  • 90fps पे मोबाइल गर्म हो जाता है

    मदद करे...

  • Well facing same issue in every game screen goes blackout sometimes restart . Well asus is busy making rog 4 and 5 they r not gonna ans or solve this.. so u too wasted money trusting asus. It's better to have redmi or vivo device atleast they have good service

  • Got solutions for this black screen error

  • If u installed any third party app like VPN parrlel space xpose or any third party app video recorder screen capture uninstall it.. m doing same and still no black screen error found

  • If u are playing games in xmode turned it off whille playing game.. u won't feel shutdown or blackout as it's because of over heat device. I did that now no problem and waiting for new update

  • jelojelo Level 1

    I think I have found the solution for blackout issue during gaming ,

    my armoury crate was setup for temperature limit at middle , so it was becomes automatically blackout , when temperatures graduately increased & triggered at blackout , I have tried to set temperature limit at maximum , then everything was going normally.

    But still don't know why and don't have any solution when the phone becomes blackout or shutdown or restart when it's during charging.

  • There's only one solution left for this issue .. turn ur xmode off. I was facing the same issue with mobile data but with wifi it occurs less. So I tried all way at last I found phone gets heat up in gaming mode and screen gore's black out and I turned off xmode now I can play games while charging. Less cpu uses can heal this but if u want to play in hardcore xmode setting phone will heat up and black out.. play games without xmode is the only solution

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